Because of the time zone change, I seem to be finding my "brilliant ideas" of what to post while you are all sleeping.
Kind of sucks being alone.
But somehow through this platform I found a place where everyone seems to be on the same page and at this moment quite literally, mine. :-)
Hahaha! See what I did there?

Anyway, this song is about togetherness.
About standing against terrorists and people like Putin.
That's who I'm singing at (in my mind).
But it can be about anything I guess.

OK, what's special about this song?
Well I made it in my bedroom. All of it.

What else?
While I play each of the three, obviously, I am really trying to be three different people (again, in my mind), haha!
Moving differently, mannerisms, etc.
Harder than it looks.

I already know one person who is not not a fan of hip-hop and is not going to like it and his name begins with an M :-) LOL!
And as always, that's OK.

If you like it show some love and tip the band please!
Until the next one…

Craig (aka URBANITE)