Update of French Fratsen

Small step forward

Conclusion of this whole roar is going to be: we are really a little bit forward.:)


No matter how I turn or (dislike) turn everything, the most important thing is to be healthy. Because if you're not healthy, then... (to be filled in yourself).

Life passes so quickly... The older you get, the faster it goes. Day after day, flop, flop, flop. According to the calendar, it was just spring during the last update. This spring just went a little weird and it was summer. My 40th anniversary on Earth was celebrated (did not hurt by the way - become 40, but gave thoughts - like: Poehee, 40 years here, what happened a lot in all that time, I sat down with all sorts of memories: former boyfriends, adventures, misery, and so on).

And then this hot (crazy word, blood-hot, though.. it was around 37 degrees or more.. hmmm not such a crazy word) season suddenly hit into the winter, what actually autumn was supposed to be?! Strange fact: My bikini was drying at the wood stove lit early in the year.

The same wood stove that caused some sort of chimney fire last night, but anyway, this is another story. All in all, I wasn't even very anxious when Pierre was putting out the place with the water carafe (which is now broken by the way). This anecdote I write because it is 1. recent and 2. gave an insight: fear is no longer my thing.. Cold-blooded, I looked at the thing, and I thought, “All is what is.” Afterwards it ended with a hisser (also literally), and most of the fact that the water carafe is broken. What gave me an insight: 3. I am still attached to (beautiful) stuff. Twas a nice jug, very practical too, considering I only drink water, tea and a little coffee a day. Oh yes, and sometimes some home-brewed kefir (also nice to write about once by the way). For those who want quickly what our intermediate position is, see above just below title. Or scroll down. I am not there yet, but I expect that I will write some sort of summary there.

For those who “read” me for the first time; I wander, I sit behind my laptop and my fingers move, so those letters form all kinds of sentences that I did not think up in advance. The other day in bed, I had some kind of message I wanted to send. I'll feel if I can get it back, this could be the beginning of the real update. Of course I had already started (after all, you read 5 minutes already), but this is all distraction and interpretation of the past 6 months. Yes, dear people, six months ago, the last step in between. And the past time was full of emotions and the following happened:


Throw wild towel in the ring and add the blunt axe. I went to put flowers out and hang garlands. And life is going in a new way. Decorated it nicely.

“It's what you make of it.”

Evelinda smit - smile eve

Here the sequel about YourTree and garlands.. #yourtree #update #fransefratsen #volhouden #doorgaan

My little paradise - Part 1
Welcome to my garden, my little paradise. This video was created after the challenge of @Henkjan the Warrior  . Since the video can only last one minute, this is a difficult. That's why I decided to split it into particles. Today part 1: the west side of the garden. You can see the view over the fields, followed by the side in the west. There it is a bit of a wilderness sometimes, but birds find it a paradise. I didn't put any music in it, because I like the natural music so much that I didn't want to ruin it with anything else.. I think I am very lucky that this concert is a daily part of life. A lot of viewing pleasure, and especially a lot of listening pleasure ! #mygardenvideo   #nature #garden #yoorsoriginalvideo
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Fear of ambition
What if? - Most people have at the end of their lives... Unfulfilled ambitions. Children, work, circumstances you often hear "I don't have time for that”. I'm someone who's not in this.. I go completely for my ambitions and sacrifice very much for my success, but it may be out of fear. I'm afraid of “missing something”... My biggest fear is that at the end of my life I wouldn't have done something I wanted to do, hence I'm going like a hard train. I deliberately work part-time so that I would have more time, do not look for a girlfriend myself and spend most of my time on my ambitions. But recently there was a bell ringing.. What if I accomplish everything now, do everything I strive for, and at the end of my life I've done everything.... but only. Never had children, never cottage garden baby. Isn't that a “missed something”? I had to laugh about it, because it's kind of ironic. My fear of not being able to achieve something is now also a fear of ambition. Because if I go for the cottage garden baby, then I have unfulfilled ambitions because of lack of time... But if I go for my ambitions, I might end up alone thinking I missed something.