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Lady bosses wanted!

THE DREAM STARTS WHEN YOU BEGIN TO TRUST YOURSELF Who wants to be a lady boss? Being your own boss means working when you want, can and when and where you want it. You want to spend more time with your family and children. Do you want to have more free time? That's all possible!Of course the money does not flow in without work, but at this company you can organize your own time between working and leisure with your family and friends. We are looking for lady bosses who are interested in beauty products and fashion and also have training in this sector.The dream starts when you have enough self-confidence! As a lady boss you have that, of course, but also have the courage to go for it! In the first place as a lady boss you use your products yourself, because if you believe in your own products and qualities, you transfer this to the customers! You have enough confidence to inform potential customers and approach them from a friend situation, and girlfriends still give each other the best beauty tips! So build your costumer relations as a friend! So building customer relationships also belongs to being a lady boss. Your customers can always relly on you for feedback or help with their purchased products, you are their personal beauty coach! Can you find yourself in at least 2 of these statements, then you are already on the right track to become a perfect lady boss of our team. All lady bosses work together in team to grow, stimulate and enrich each other. So if you are also a nice team player too, we would like to welcome you in our team! Click on that button and ask for more info! You will not regret it. We answer all your questions so you know what you are starting to be a lady boss!We are looking for lady bosses for the following regions: Belgium Hungary The Netherlands interested to start? click the link for the info page. We will contact you back by mail! Your friends can sign up below. You both get a reward of 125 Yp. You can completely edit and customize this. Removing is also very easy by clicking on the red cross with your mouse. Become a member and reward the writer and yourself. Sign up

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Ear and Body Candle.

What is ear candle therapy? What is an ear candle?  An ear candle is a hollow candle made of linen cloth and soaked in beeswax. In addition, herbs are added, and is known for its beneficial effects. Already with the Indians, especially the Hopi Indians, ear candle therapy applied for all sorts of ailments. You have two brands of ear candles, namely Biosun and Hopi. I mainly work with the Tade ear candles from hungary. Ear candles are the medicine of the poor people in hungary. But it's history goes way back to the indians and eskimo's! What does the therapy do? The ear candle is lit at the top and put on the painful place that needs to be treated. This can be in the ear (earaches, buzzes, forehead cavities, falls, flu, etc.) or any other part of the body  ( then we take a body candle). The two ears should always be treated, since the ear is an organ of balance. The candle is allowed to burn up to the marking line. This treatment stimulates and relaxes the patient and also treats the disease image. In addition to the ear candles, Tade also has body candles, fengshui and chakra candles. These are less known because they come from Hungary. These candles are, of course, are natural products and have proved more than once proved their use in my family.  These candles can be used to work on the switchboards, to dissipate fever, to treat swollen glands, to remove boils, warts ...You can not think of it as crazy I use it for to treat my family.  True story:The daughter of my neighbor is a violinist and since a day and a year she ran with pain in the chest. After consulting the doctor, she appeared to have a pleural inflammation due to the posture you assume to play the violin. After a few visits to the doctor and cortisone spraying, there was still no improvement in sight. When my neighbor told me her daughter was in pain, I told her you still have ear candles, so use them. She did not dare to say  and said that I should treat her daughter. So, so done.  Soffie came to me that evening for a treatment. First I put mora slib on the spot to find out where the infection was. In that place I put an ear candle and she felt a 'pull'. I said that this was normal because the candle does its work. After 20 minutes the treatment was finished .I then made a clay preparation with essential oils and advised to apply it in the evening as a compress and to go to sleep. Let the body  candle burn in the morning and do this for a week. After 2 days, Soffie told me that she was suffering from the pain and if this was normal. I reassured her that this was no exception and that it usually breaks out first before you get rid of it. The next day she came to reassure me that she had no pain, but I advised her to really continue the treatment even though the pain had stopped. Two weeks later she came to thank me because she had been to the doctor to see if the problem had now been resolved. And yes, there was nothing to see on the photo !! She told me I had known before I had come to you directly and I had not walked around for a year !!! For me, body candles and ear candles solve a lot of small medical problems, but you can use them to just for relaxation. The candle burning takes only 20 minutes and that's a 20 minutes relaxing time for you! Bibi make up queen. Your friends can sign up below. You both get a reward of 125 Yp. You can completely edit and customize this. Removing is also very easy by clicking on the red cross with your mouse. Become a member and reward the writer and yourself. Sign up

FLASHBACK look forward 2018.

Although I did not do so many shoots in 2017, 2017 has brought me many experiences. As you could read before I did make up for the movie THE BRIDES by Johan Vandewoestijne and for his next film DETENTION I did the make up. This was slightly more challenging as some more SFX came. In this film I worked with the SFX make up artist Djongi, a well-known Hungarian make up artist. She taught me all sorts of SFX make-up techniques and showed how it was done on the set. I am very grateful to her for that. After the film I started practicing with SFX make up and it goes very well. I was asked for a low-budget film where I could continue to practice those skills. Unfortunately, these recordings did not go through due to technical reasons. I also did 2 shoots this year, but these were also very nice concepts and the photos were great. Nice that I can also add it to my portfolio again. At the end of 2017 I was asked if I would like to do the make-up again for a dance performance by dance school SCRATCH and this for their annual dance event. Of course I want that! This is the third collaboration with them and always fun to do. At a network meeting I got the question from photographers  if I could offer them a workshop to teach them basic make-up. I had not thought about that yet. So I just inquire on social media and it turns out to be a niche. So in 2018 we organize some workshops so that photographers can continue their shoots if the mua does not turn up or cancel. This saves time and money and the shoot can continue. I also plan other fun workshops this year, such as how do you recognize good beauty products? How can  aloe vera help for your health? What is aromatherapy and how do I apply it? Yesterday I was informed again that the low budget film that had been canceled would continue anyway. Namely the director of THE BRIDES and DETENTION Johan Vandewoestijne will direct the film. Probably this summer already! So again we are on a film set this year! For example, the year may go on, with many other great assignments, collaborations and certainly also a premiere on 1 February. It is the movie Soul Copyright that we shot last 2016 is going in premiere the 1 st of february 2018! So I will be walking over the red carpet! Finaly a dream come true! So i hope for all my readers a great year to and that all your dreams may come true.  I wish you all a Happy New Year! Bibi make up queen. Your friends can sign up below. You both get a reward of 125 Yp. You can completely edit and customize this. Removing is also very easy by clicking on the red cross with your mouse. Become a member and reward the writer and yourself. Sign up