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please join 'The World of Nele'
Kristien Spooren

Dearest wanderers, I need your help. I want to start a beautiful thing. A few years ago, I met a wonderful young woman called Nele. I was 15 at the time, she was 24. She absolutely loved to travel. I looked up to her because she was an amazing human being, full of kindness and love for whoever she encountered. She had seen so much of the world, including Ghana and Mongolia. It was while travelling that she felt the most alive.Unfortunately, Nele was also very insecure. Despite her free spirit, she struggled a lot with who she was. Like me, she developed an eating disorder. On top of that, her anxieties turned into major problems that made her end up in hospital several times. On the 1st of October 2010, in a haze, Nele commited suicide. Today I went to see her parents. I stood by her grave and thought about all the places she could have gone to. She's so much like me. I wanted her mom to know that she will never be forgotten. So here's my idea. Back in 2013, I took one of Nele's pictures with me to Brazil. I put it on top of a mountain and took a photo of it. Ever since, I dream about having pictures of Nele all over the world. That's where I need your help. I'll start a Facebook group where I will put some pictures of her. If you want to contribute, please join the group. ( Here's what I need you to do: - Print one of the pictures and take it with you on one of your travels. - Put the photo in a beautiful shedded place in order for it not to get touched by dirt or rain. You can also just take a picture of it and remove the photo afterwards, we better don't leave human traces on this wonderful planet.  - Take a picture of it and post it in the group. If you can't print, you can find a way to write down her name and take a picture of that. I do prefer photos though, because that will make the project much more personal. I'll make a collection of all these spreaded photos and give it to her parents. I'm sure they will feel very thankful. If the project turns out to be succesfull, I might contact a journalist friend to talk about it in public. Please help me spread Nele's personality to the world. Thanks a lot! With love,Kristien (Belgium)