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When a man chooses a woman...
Chuen Evi Odette

When a man chooses a woman who follows her calling, his only chance to maintain the connection is in following her… and above all in creating space for her to follow her own path. It may happen that he needs to abandon his own neediness, or that he finds a means of healing through their common path – but not in the gentlest manner. When a man chooses a woman who heals the collective wounds of the women by following her calling, his Yes for her equals a Yes to a bigger purpose far beyond building a house or raising children. Their connection goes beyond fulfilling the classical gender role models. For this man accepts the job of having the back of this woman, of catching her when she cannot transform the pain of the world anymore. It means for him to welcome a different form of sexuality, since healing on the level of sexuality is one of the most profound issues of the woman who needs to become a healer. For him this, again, is about welcoming slowness, softness and healing –about holding back or redirecting his own drive.. about being present for the whole. Because when a man chooses a woman who aims for freedom, they can only achieve this together, and by him leaving his narcissistic aspects behind and recognizing the path of the woman as his own path towards freedom. When a man chooses a woman who is bigger, he cannot dwell in the places of energies of oppression or of playing small. He – if he chooses to take on this mission with her – accepts a task serving the well-being of all men, even though it happens in the background. Within this background he creates space of security, of keeping her safe from an ambush bred by his own old wounds, driving her into submission. When a man chooses a woman out of his fascination with her radiance and wisdom, it must be obvious to him that he cannot be stuck within his own deficits in a way that makes him want to diminish her radiance… purely out of fear of having to share her with others. When a man chooses a woman who follows her calling, he cannot fear these words: respect, humility and surrender. He will rather walk the path of divinity – alongside his woman, the healer – with gratitude and an overflowing heart. For such a woman will choose – if she ever needs to choose – in favour of the well-being of all women …and she will choose walking her path alone instead of leaving it for him. Nevertheless, she is aware of the power that lies in the presence of a man who is beating the drums… for her. Author: Mokshadevi Yoga

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Evoked collective memory
Chuen Evi Odette

Evoked Collective Memory: Integration of past (memories) is paired with future memories; to manifest future thought with intergenerational memories through acts such as the kolos-round dances, sharing or being present in the circle.  Blood & Honey: The Secret Herstory of Women Morava and Mora, Serbian Goddesses associated with the elder tree that has great healing powers and where the Death and Regenerative Goddesses reside. The Slavic Archeoquest is practices founded on thousands of years in observation of Mother Nature interrelationships. Because of the substantial foundation in observations, the Slavic Archeoquest had precious tools-apprenticeships where the individual’s life experiences and the landscapes of Moist Mother Earth expand deep knowing that change each other in the very essence of evolution Evident in the South Slavic round dances called kolo (circle or to dance) along with their round stoves (pech) changing each other meant taking the landscapes of the Moist Mother Earth into their culinary arts, embroidery crafts, kolos, music and most importantly their ever constant ties to tilting the rich soil in collaboration with all the sentient beings. The first person stories are ‘novels’ which literally means new story done in installments and is traced etymologically to ‘new star.’ Star in the archetypal meaning indicates full integration of wisdom while ‘new’ refers to the birthing process- to begin in total uniqueness to life experiences or never having been manifested previously. Throughout the years in working with the Bosnian Muslim women war survivors and war crimes survivors their first person stories were done in installments exhibiting diversity so that no two stories were the same like fingerprints and snowflakes. Despite not having any of the Muslim women’s stories exactly the same each of their apprenticeships from the bloody Balkan war wisely understood the law of evolution; with change, life must adapt or die. And some of these women were grandmothers with little if any education that can rival the evolutionary scientists. The South Slavic women’s stories had a sacred intention to slowly simmer down the massive hypermasculine information from the war zone into their subsequent apprenticeships reviving memories of their ancient iconic way of life. Many stories spoken in the aftermath of the Balkan war provide numerous examples of how life situations had many retrieving their great grandmother’s life experiences in times of great need or more importantly in times of creativity. The siege in Sarajevo and other Bosnian cities had starving people unable to get food with snipers shooting at those who dared to venture out of their apartment flats. First person stories are the source of information leading to wisdom and understanding according to the South Slavic ancient grandmother earth based practices. Dr. Danica Anderson Blogged with CARE, by tantracutie Source: The Kolo: Women's Cross-Cultural Collaboration