Joined 14 Apr, 2017
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What’s a Lotte? A Lotte, in this case, is a tiny human being in a big world. She got here 18 years ago, on a day known as the 16th of July. And though she just plays a small part in this world, she hopes to do her part nonetheless. If she could, she would put a smile on everyone’s face and help out everyone who needs it. But that’s a lot of work, so she hopes others, if not everyone, will lend a hand. She believes together we can really do this! A Lotte is also someone who has a big world inside of her. It’s filled with words making up stories (real ones and less real ones), eyes making pictures and the urge to make drawings of what she sees. And all these and other random thoughts, she likes to share. Besides sharing, she’s got a whole list of things she likes: cuddles and blankets; baby animals like so many of us do; the rain and soup; peonies and cherry blossoms; puns and rhymes (big fan of those!); kind hearts and spontaneous gestures and if you need to know anything more about this odd, little creature, be sure to check out this list of random facts. Never hesitate to ask (for anything), a Lotte is like an open book (who loves to listen as well). A Lotte is a little bit like me. I am a Lotte. And on this blog there’s a lot of me, so check it out if you have time!
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