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My name is Marcela Amaral, but some people also know me as Babu. I am the fourth of five sisters (same father and mother, hehe, and I have one more sister, but on my father's side). I was born in Santarém, located in the western part of the state of Pará, in the North of Brazil. I grew up in Belém, the capital of the state of Pará. I lived in Rio de Janeiro for 6 years, and I moved to The Netherlands a year ago. I would love to have this blog written in Dutch, but unfortunately I need much more time to be proficient in writing. My Dutch level(A2) is not enough for writing the way I want to. Maybe in the future...who knows? My English is far away from perfection, but I am more confident in writing in English. However, I will also make some posts in Portuguese, so my family and friends in Brazil will be able to read me! The idea is writing in Portuguese and make an English version, so I really hope I can manage it! I started a blog almost 10 years ago, in teaching, but I quit. I really liked to teach but I was not enough passionate about it at that time to keep it. Recently, I decided I should start developing my blog based on my cooking experiences. I know it has tons of food blogs , but even so I wanna try because I am in the right moment for it! I decided I must invest part of my time doing two things I love: writing and cooking. Life has given me a chance for doing that, so I must go for it! But most important for me is because of cooking I turned into a better person, I learnt from cooking, and since then I can't see myself out of the kitchen. Kitchen is my world!