Eleanor BadaBoom

Lid sinds : 03-05-2017

Dj, Progressive / Dark / Techno Eleanor is born in 1980 under the name Els Vancompernolle. Born in Oostende and living in Gistel (Belgium). As a little girl she was already attracted to music, and dancing. And how older she became how more she was atractive to music, and how bigger the dream was to become a Dj. Start to play with vinyl in 2003, and played for various years in Longplay and Neverland at Oostende. Her inspiration and perseverance come from AK, & Teekeewee. Together they are team Badaboom. She played in famous Belgium clubs such as Le Club DOOS (France), Decadance (Gent), D-TOX (Denderleuw), Bocca (Destelbergen), Babylon After Club (Zevergem), Boccaccio Beach (Oostende), Kings Club (Aalst), Longplay (Oostende), Neverland (Oostende), Black X (Kortrijk), Catacombes (Roeselaere). Concepts: Badaboom, Badaboom Garden, Dekoda, Our House https://www.facebook.com/DjEleanor/ https://soundcloud.com/miss-eleanor https://www.mixcloud.com/vancompernolle-els/


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