My tiny paleo kitchen

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Calling all writers!
My tiny paleo kitchen
Een Nederlandstalige versie van deze post vind je onderaan de pagina. Do you call yourself a writer? - Or would you like to yourself a writer? Let me tell you a little secret. If you write--if you love to write--then you are, in fact, a writer.I have finally found the courage to claim the title myself. My evolution as an author is largely thanks to an amazing online community, called The Writers'…
A face-lift for your favourite sneakers ( and other surprising ways to use toothpaste)
My tiny paleo kitchen
Zoals altijd is er onderaan, in het roze gedeelte, een Nederlandstalige versie beschikbaar. I love my converse sneakers. If I could get away with it, I’d wear them all the time. These Chuck II’s are even comfortable enough to actually wear them all the time without getting sore feet. They are totally versatile, and can be worn with a casual outfit, but also to give fun touch to a more dressed…
Paleo breakfast brownie
My tiny paleo kitchen
I have got to make some more of these. Love the protein packed paleo brownies. Perfect, decadent, portable breakfast food.
Camping trip (with my recipe for protein packed paleo breakfast brownies)
My tiny paleo kitchen
Misschien weet je het intussen, maar ik blijf het voor alle zekerheid toch maar herhalen. :-) Onderaan deze post, in het roze gedeelte, vind je een Nederlandstalige versie. OK, there’s something I have to shout out first. -  My Lucie-girl is making me so proud right now. The last two trials she’s run, she’s done amazing. After one and a half seasons of disqualifying because she was…
Pickled red onions (and as a bonus, my recipe for fennel and orange salad)
My tiny paleo kitchen
Zoals altijd is er onderaan de pagina, herkenbaar aan de roze achtergrond, een Nederlandstalige versie voorzien. Today, I will not be boring you to death with adventures, scrapes or stories from the soap that appears to be my life. My dad is waiting for this recipe, and has instructed me to not take too long writing it. He’s in a hurry! And thus, so am I, because, tomorrow, D and I are taking…
Meals in Minutes, part II: Cook once, eat twice, and then some (with my recipe and strategy for spaghetti sauce and chili con carne)
My tiny paleo kitchen
Zoals altijd is er ook een Nederlandstalige versie beschikbaar. Scroll naar beneden tot aan het roze gedeelte. The first week of my summer vacation is almost gone. And D and I have worked harder than we do when we actually have to go to work. We’ve sanded and painted most of our little cabin. I’m exhausted. To top things off, Kate and I are headed for a young dogs’ and veterans’ show,…
My Tiny Paleo Kitchen Cookbook
My tiny paleo kitchen
Ook mijn "Kookboek" is voor je in het Nederlands vertaald. Heb je liever die versie? Scroll dan gewoon naar beneden tot aan het roze gedeelte. Which cookbook? - Today, you will not be getting a story or a recipe. Surprise! This is kind of a recipe round up. It's not very long, yet, but I figured I'd start early, before it becomes too much to handle. This list will be updated with every new post,…
Cold brew coffee = heaven
My tiny paleo kitchen
Making my beloved cold brew is so much easier now that I got this French Press. Best "Me-time" present ever!
Meals in Minutes, part I: A well stocked pantry (with my Zoodles alla Puttanesca recipe)
My tiny paleo kitchen
Lezers die de voorkeur geven aan Nederlands kunnen, zoals altijd, verder scrollen tot aan het roze gedeelte. Making your meals from scratch is all nice and lovely. In theory. Real life has a way of interfering with lovely theories, though. Most of us have jobs. Husbands or boyfriends. Children. Pets. Hobbies. You name it. We all have a chronic lack of time, and our nutrition often suffers for it.…
#Potato series
The potato, part II: The portable potato (with my portable German potato salad recipe)
My tiny paleo kitchen
Zoals altijd, kunnen Nederlandstalige lezers doorscrollen tot aan het roze gedeelte. Food is such a great way to bring people together. What bettter way to spend an evening with your family or friends, than eating a lovingly cooked dinner, an impromptu barbeque, or a fun, whimsical picknick, followed by some games and stimulating conversation? Yes. That's what we call it. Conversation. People who…
My tiny paleo kitchen
The saltiness of the crispy bacon cup was a perfect counterpart to the slight sweetness of my Grams' German potato salad. This is the perfect appetiser for a summer barbeque. For the recipe: stay tuned for part 2 of my potato series!
Rainy day project (with garlic sauce recipe)
My tiny paleo kitchen
Nederlandstalige lezers kunnen, zoals altijd, onderaan in het roze gedeelte terecht voor de Nederlandse versie. A few weeks ago, I was complaining about the heat. I won't complain about the rainy days we've been having, because my garden is looking and feeling so much better. However, my dogs despise that icky water falling from the sky, and taking them for walks is not something they'll thank me…