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Carmen en Eelke

Lid sinds : 13-06-2017

After his education, Eelke Wiersma has been working 34 years at various municipal and private institutions in The Netherlands. He was involved as a project manager of an engineering company and head of a Department at large and medium-sized projects spread over al Netherlands. In 1999, he has opened his own business in the form of consulting and landscaping company for gardens, forest , natural areas, public parcs and a flower shop. Eelke taught as a teacher in senior secondary vocational education (MBO). He taught also to students from the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania within a European and Municipal Association in collaboration with the Dutch business community and companies. Besides teaching, he performed as a coach between the management and the students.Eelke Wiersma has a cheerful character full of positive energy and thereby he can easily stimulate and guide people. In addition, he has a great empathy and flexibility. He can use and deliver his qualities very good during collaboration in a team work or in stand-alone projects. Changes are for him challenges that he success fully can finalize. In addition, he is eager to learn, is open to innovations and can there by thinking ahead.