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Hi there! Thank you for visiting my profile, but who is this guy behind the profile... Let me tell you who I am! My name is Bas, I live near the beautiful city of Alkmaar, the Netherlands. But my origins come from Beverwijk (between Alkmaar and Amsterdam). There my interest for photography began. I started with a small camera, wich soon started to be Insufficient. Therefore I bought myself a good (starters) camera... the Nikon D5000. But after a couple of years I wanted a mirrorless camera. So now I bought the Olympus om-d e-m10 mark 2 and Hope to make a lot of beautiful photo's with this camera! I started loving going out into the nature and into all the beautifull cities of my country and beond the borders.. I am still learning, so feedback is always a welcome gast! Note that all photo's are shot by Basseroeter. Also check my instagram! Instagram.com/basseroeter