CustÒdia Chineva

Lid sinds : 30-09-2017

Welcome to my blog, that goes by the name herchapter. I’m Custodia and I was born and raised in Angola, I live more than 15 year in Holland. I want to welcome you into my little world, here you will get to know the creative side of my life. Herchapter is about my love for fashion, writting and read. I’ll always be in love with fashion because with fashion I can be my real authentic self and still appreciate individuality. Reading has always takes me to places that I only can reach with my mind. ( I don’t mean school books hahaha) I love tho expres my feelings on paper, I love to writ because I can make sade story have a happy eding and I can also make myself be a hero in it. So this blog is about put all of my passion in one chapter. We all can buy fashion but


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