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Hello People of! My Name is Gavin, my Nickname/Gamename is Zaf. i'm a 21 years old boy who was born in The Netherlands, after 4 years i moved to a Beautiful place called Australia! A few years back i moved again, but this time back to Rotterdam. My Netherlands language isn't one of the best and it would ruin my page that way. When i was 6 we went on holiday in Japan, that is where i discovered Anime, and most of all, games! since that day my life changed. I am a huge anime fan and i love videogames, why? not just bacause of the game, but because of the people you meet and because of the story's certain games tell i see games as a opportunity to release your imagination. meeting people all over the world and play with them the same or different games, it's just an amazing feeling. hope you all have a great day and a great time.


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