Valentine's Day after 25 years of married

#valentinesday Children, home and work. Who would be thinking about dating? And yet... It is worth taking advantage of the holiday of lovers, so that, in an original way, take care of the relationship with your spouse.
Marital problems, selfishness and disappointment, happen to all marriages, not just yours. For the Valentine's date to be successful, you both have to have your hearts clean, free of trauma and resentment.

Yes, there are so-called “modern husbands" who follow the trends of Valentine's Day “on line", surprise their couples with fashionable gifts and take pictures of them, and then boast about them on Instagram.

Cinema, theater, concert hall. Each of these ideas is good. It's not true that on a date with your husband you have to sit and talk face to face. Many couples enjoy simply being together and relaxed.

Turn off your phone (yours and yours), Valentine's Day will be much better.

Sometimes it seems to me that my husband and me, what we need most is a bit of peace and quiet. I wonder if having an empty house (children spend the night at grandma's house), I would not choose Valentine's Day just to relax in pajamas on the couch, hug us and watch TV series.

On the other hand, remember: if your relationship lacks those times when they are together, when this happens only occasionally and is something exceptional, you should use the excuse of February 14 to feel again what you felt in the courtship time.