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Vegan Chinese rice

#vegan In the past few days, we made a catalogue for a project we have in our Church, in which we have a vegan food project, as a contribution to the health of our parishioners.  

The idea is to contribute in an integral way: soul, mind and body. In other words, to help others not only in spiritual preparation and in the salvation of their souls, but also in mental health, which is so affected worldwide by stress, crises, pandemics, wars, as well as physical aid, such as donations of food, clothing and within which is healthy eating such as vegan food.


Today I bring you one of the dishes that we prepare such as vegan chinese rice. Here is the recipe

In the preparation of this rice you just need:


Vegetables: garlic, onion, carrot, paprika, peas, Chinese sprouts, corn

soy sauce or tamariz


Fresh or powdered ginger

You can cook it in a regular frying pan. As for oil, we use extra virgin olive oil because it is refined and because it is healthier, although it has a stronger flavor and many people prefer to use another oil when cooking with soy sauce, it is a matter of taste.

You can have the rice cooked overnight, it's how the dish works best and according to our chef it is the trick of Chinese restaurants but you can also cook it on the spot, we did it the same day, but as I told you when I did it like this, the grain will not be so loose but the dish will be very tasty. I eat you to use a long grain rice, but there are many different varieties, you can use the one to your liking. Or if you prefer to steam vegetables too, add soy sauce, so you have a healthy, light and fat-free dish. Also instead of soy sauce, also use tamari or sweet and sour sauce. I hope you like it, this delicious dish.    

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