Vitamin D preventive against Corona?


Would it help?

It was said yesterday in the Telegraph, that scientists have recommended vitamin D countless times to reduce the risk of the virus Corona to jump over. It's a simple thing, but there are several experts who recommend it.

We take all the tips, of course, so as not to get infected and lie in the ICU. But our government does not pass on this advice, which is a pity. Fortunately, the Telegraph does mention this and writes about it.

If it does not benefit, it does not harm, I think. And vitamin D swallowing is also “just” never wrong to take, because it is good for strong bones and teeth and promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus minerals in the body. It provides extra resistance, and helps in the proper functioning of our muscles.

TIP: Did you know that salmon contains quite a lot of vitamin D? Also in a boiled egg there is vitamin D. In our country in some foods even vitamin D is added, such as margarine, cream butter and semi-skimmed milk. useful to know!

Our jar of vitamin D (we have melting tablets) is now at the front of the coffee machine, so that we take our tablet in the morning before coffee.

Thank you, Telegraph!

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