Once upon... A Life Tale - The Giant

"What if there is no more, this is all I ever get?"
The giant whined and felt incredibly sad.

Over were those days life was so good

and as time past by, he lost his nice mood

and... so did she.

She just talked about the enjoyable old days,
the once upon a time, there was no longer "we".
By now only the time existed she
had lived ages ago with her mom and dad.
How could she so easily forget?
All those years, the shredded tears,
the love they shared and the fun they had?
Who was that strange person he woke up next to
and day after day ended up with in bed?

"Oh gosh, she said, have you seen that?
My great, very strong so beloved dad...
He caught a bear on his way!
Back home he will be soon, I really hope he's okay."

She laughed for joy as she finally saw her beloved father appear.
He never saw what she painted. How could she see?
Her eyes were more dead as alive and her vision always unclear.

He frowned as he finally noticed she raised the question again.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my den!"

That damned woman of him how could her brain forget
all those days of their lives and the children she had?

The one who married the dwarf and gave birth to the creepy child,
it impressed her at that time and she nearly went wild
as she discovered the secret of the newborn one
a heartless creature arrived into the world long before dawn.

"Have you seen my crocodile sir," she liked to know.
She didn't dare to look the stranger into his eyes and kept her head low,
as if she searched for the pet she once had.
It was so hard to remember how long it had been,
she had seen, her favorite friend present.

"No my dear, I am so sorry to hear
you lost something so precious to you.
You know what we can do?
We make a drawing, please come over here and sit,
once we're finished you own a great picture of it.
What do you think about this idea?
My love, let us finish first our tea."

"Sorry, sir I but I cannot stay.
I need to be back home in time. You should know it's a long way.
Downhill first, next following the riverside
all the way to its end but you might
keep me company if I do the laundry?
Dad will be home before I know
he always does if the tide is getting low."

"It is my pleasure, you can do your laundry first.
I keep you company but please drink your tea. It helps against the thirst."

She nodded and thought
"How friendly he is. What a pity he is sooo old. I hope and wish once I am older, 16 or more,
a younger version of him will knock on my door.

She smiled at him just for a second but he saw
the young girl he once met, loved and adored above all.

Till eternity...
It is a long time to spend
with a person that left you and went
back into history,
someone who lost the present,
the feeling of "we".

"It only gets worse and she will hate.
Hate you soon!
At that time you are too late!" a voice from outside shouted and warned him.

He didn't feel the need to invite its owner in.
Why did they not leave them alone?
A window broke as a stone
wrapped in some paper hit his head
he was familiar with what the message said.

"You fool. Act at least once in your life wise. Get rid of that madwoman, what makes you think twice!"

He realized the nightmare stood at his front door.
After all these years he was needed again.

Like usually it was mainly for
wiping footsteps and traces, reducing the shame.
The immense disgrace that was brought by and came
over the giants and their households as his wife went insane.

What made him think twice being so lame?
Was it because he was the one to blame
for all the misery that came
from the moment he gave Merry away?

The dwarf and his family they were different for sure.
The mixed marriage occurred a curse to both species and meant at that Time not more
as a way to keep the peace and harmony.
But the chaos and bitterness was the only aspect he could see.
The daughter hated him and his sons all died.
It happened long ago in a pointless fight.
And the tyrants? They celebrated their victory.

"How can you live and stay alive," he asked his crazy wife.
She didn't answer was lost again
in time and space and he never knew when

she would show herself.
It was on rare occasions he met his better mate, it felt like an unsure date.

The fight would go on that was a fact and clear.
None of his children would show up ever here
to give him a hand or take care of their mom.

"Thanks for taking me home," she said. "Where are you from?"

"A country far, far away.
It was not easy to leave but I did anyway.
I once loved to travel and see a bit more of the world around me.
It was someone special I stayed here for... Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course!"

"I rose from the sea riding my white, majestic horse.
Nonentity knows, I actually,
belong under sea-level... except you and me."

She looked at him, was surprised to hear
he came from a land that was very near
where she lived.

"This is for you," he said with a smile, "please accept my small gift."

Out of his pocket, he took the tiny thing.
Once, a long time ago, he gave it to her instead of a ring.
Her eyes shone and that alone made him decide he was right, it was high tide.
A good moment to leave this life,
with or without his precious wife.

"Wow, it is really a long time ago.
I had no idea you saved this year after year.
Do you mind if I try it and wear
it with the dress you asked me back then?
No matter what happens to us or this world,
there is something you should know
I am proud of you and happy you are my man."

She smiled the smile of centuries ago.
A time so dear to him.

She was his heartbeat and made him grow.
Proud he felt and lucky above all.
He had found his dream wife, knew he could never fall
in love with someone better as she.
She had recognized him and spoke about "we".

Slowly she drank her next cup of tea.

And as the golden hour was gone
all that needed to be said was said and what had to be done was done.
They waited hand in hand till
the night was near and the huge, grey horse would appear.
It was not as young as ages ago but still tough and that was enough.
It carried both giants back overland to the place where this tale finds a happy end.

The giant and his wife are safe.
They live their lives thanks to a precious memory which gave both a new destiny. Without hate and anger or the help of a good fairy.
And the daughter and grandchild? They are both history.
You can take my word for it, their life is peaceful and good in the land under the level of the sea it is where they can truly be.

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