Stories: Sailing the oceans

I present you a new shrink-adventure from the 6th floor. 

Read whathappens if the patient takes over the shrink's job!

"I got pregressively more and more frightened of ocean sailing until I just couldn't deal with the stress anymore. I got a bigger boat..."

"Pregressively? What the hell does that word mean?", Peter interrupted, "and who are you? Where is Alice?"

He ignored the speaker and turned to me.

"She left", Billy said. "Haven't you noticed her leaving last week? It is because of you she did! She won't come back. She's not a white pelican you know."

He grinned and looked satisfied as he saw Peter shrunk, he finally managed to shut his big mouth.

"This is William", I introduced our new member. "From now on he will join this group and share with us what he likes to share."

"Sounds to me he has nothing to worry about", Clair grumbled.
"Look at him, he's well dressed, a fine gentleman. He already solved his little problem. He changed his boat for a yacht. So what is it he is looking for, passengers who pay for his pleasure?"

"Before you even look at that man, you want to learn about his history",Peter mumbled.

It was clear he lost all attention. William would be the new "white pelican", although he did not ask for it.

"You bought a bigger boat", I said, "it sounds like a good solution, is it?"

"Not really", William answered, "I am still afraid of the ocean, although I am not sailing at all. It's just too much, too big, so not me."

"Than why did you?", Billy informed.

"Because they all expect me to, to join in, to lead, to have fun. I hate it!"
He started sobbing and I shove the box Kleenex over to him.

Peter watched William closely. Again I saw a smile appear on his face. No matter how rich William was, he turned out to be a scared kid, he had no balls and could not buy them for all the money in the world.

"We can join you on a trip. Perhaps you feel better if we are there to support you as a group", Peter suggested.

William looked relieved and so we all ended up on the yacht, sailing the ocean or at least a small part of it.
Peter felt great and acted as the captain.

"Winter will be here soon", Billy said to William. He looked at the sky.
"What are your plans?" 

"I think I leave, find some sun. You like to come along?"

Billy nodded.

Join Yoors too!

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