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Water Kefir

That the meaning of the Turkish word kefir is blessing is no coincidence. Here we tell you all about the new healthy trend

Water Kefir

Kefir is a drink capable of improving health, and although for a while the dairy version gained fame, now it's time for water kefir. This liquid is becoming the new favorite, not only because it is in line with a healthy lifestyle, but also because of its pleasant carbonated sensation, delicate sour taste and yeasty aromas, characteristics that come from a natural fermentation process that is completely vegan.


What is water kefir?

It is the new healthy and vegan trend. Not coincidentally, this ferment contains probiotics, microorganisms recognized worldwide for the multiple benefits they bring to the body. Water kefir is made with nodules called tibicus, a culture of beneficial bacteria and yeasts capable of generating different species of pre- and probiotics without the need for dairy or animal products.
The origin of this food is somewhat mysterious and its creation is attributed to two regions of the world. The most widely accepted but almost impossible to verify story about its beginnings is that it emerged in the Caucasus region, between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. However, it was during the Crimean War that it was first written about, back in 1855. Since then, English soldiers were already advocating the beneficial properties of water kefir, the same properties that made Mother Teresa of Calcutta decide to introduce it to the American continent in order to help people's nutrition.

In addition to being a refreshing beverage, water kefir provides several extraordinary benefits. Some of them are acting as a natural detoxifier and an ally in strengthening the nervous and digestive system. Thanks to the different beneficial bacteria it contains, such as streptococcus and lactobacillus, it is also capable of improving the immune system. Advantages that everyone can access, even people with lactose intolerance or vegan lifestyle.
How to prepare and drink water kefir?

Making homemade water kefir is very simple and there are two basic options: with or without sugar. In the first case it is necessary to get the water kefir nodules, known as tibicos - be careful, they are not the same ones you would use for dairy kefir! Tybics are even available on Amazon, street markets and in health food stores. You'll also need a half-liter container with a lid and cloth of any style.


Consuming foods with probiotics, such as water kefir, strengthens the digestive system, contributing to the intestinal flora, reducing gastrointestinal inflammation and helping the better absorption of nutrients. The best part is that it is easy to prepare at home. This is why water kefir is so popular, as this drink contains high amounts of beneficial microorganisms, including leuconostoc bacteria and sacharomyces yeasts, which can also stimulate the function of vitamins in the body.

Although the proportions of water and nodules change depending on the recipe, it's best to start with a combination equal to one part nodules to eight parts water; from there the invitation is to experiment. Then add three spoonfuls of sugar, cover it with the cloth, cover it and allow it to rest for one to two days in a dry and dark place
Once ready, strain the nodules and reserve them for future preparations, pour the liquid into a glass and enjoy it cold, if possible with a piece of panela or papelon sugar to give it a refreshing touch. Of course, among the recommendations is to drink it in moderation. Thanks to its light effervescence, water kefir is also a great ingredient to make mocktails, combine it in a shaker with rosemary, ice and lavender, to obtain an ideal mocktail for spring.


how do you prepare your kefir for the first time?
1 glass jar (if you want a bubbly kefir, then use it with the lid. Otherwise you can use a canvas and an elastic band to close it)
Wooden spoon
Strainer (plastic is better)
3 tablespoons of water kefir nodules (if you get them by donation, then you will be a donor too).
100 grams of sugar paperon (not coconut sugar, not xylitol either. The bacteria need a sugar with a high glycemic index, which will stimulate and activate fermentation).
1 liter of unchlorinated and filtered water
a slice of pineapple
Place the nodules, sugar and water in the jar, cover with a cloth and an elastic band. Stir well ("If you want, welcome these nodules that will bring health to your microbiota, increasing your defenses"),
Let the culture rest in a dark place (as far away as possible from the internet modem). The ideal temperature is around 20°C to 25°C. The higher the temperature, the faster the fermentation will take place.
After 24 hours, stir again and leave for another 24 hours. Strain and remove the fruit (discard or compost to fertilize the soil).
It is now ready to drink. The ideal is to drink the kefir at 48 hours, which is neutral, then it will become astringent.

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