We wear the light because you're you and I'm me.

#bestevangouda How beautiful is that we connect through music. I didn't know what to write but the music took me into the light. The white world that now lies at our feet, the creaking surface lets you take you into the silence. So special I find it that snow so hugely dampens the sounds become softer and actually everything feels softer. The virgin white that swirls down in his innocence into the wide world. The connection that comes among the people who dance on the street, the children who sleigh together, the warm smile that comes from under the scarf, a warm greeting and the story what a beautiful weather is released. The intense happiness of a dog that plays, also his inner child just like that in man is released. The tension that prevails, whether or not eleven city tour. How beautiful it would be and how happy we would be to experience it again

What a little luck we can get every day. What a gratitude we may feel and what a connection we may make where you send your thought. I wish you a nice winter day with a smile. Warm by my stove and enjoy the silence in my house now that my children can go back to school again there is room to send my thoughts away and be able to be in being. What a great happiness.

The definition of connection according to #brenebrown

Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and appreciated, can give and receive without judgment and derive support and strength from the relationship.

my best of gouda was that I came across this beautiful song and wanted to share it with you

Read in another blog of mine what connection really is and what it does.


the music is by Elise Mannah

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