Week 3 - day 6 - doodlechallenge: Drinking

We'll have a drink together?

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Yesterday something didn't go well, my concept - blog I couldn't bring back to post, did you suffer from that too?

Today the same story, but now I have the time to create a new blog, to post my drink! Fits well with the weather in the Netherlands over the past week! Others may laugh, but we were happy with 15 degrees and a sun, we walked with the jacket open or with short sleeves! We ate in the garden because it was so hot!

A lovely sunny drink so today for the doodlechallenge at Yoors of @Broekie

This time 1 doodle, and not as I often do a page full of small doodle drawings! Are you already in? Whether you start now, or next week in the fourth week of the challenge? So nice to do!

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