What Are The Best Wireless Headphones Of 2022?...

What Are The Best Wireless Headphones Of 2022? Part 3

Thanks for getting here, this is the third and last part of this blog. Here you will not only find the best headphones of 2022 that have been chosen by many users according to their prices and quality, but you will also find a section where I describe the aspects that you should consider when choosing a wireless headphones.

The Best Value For Money Wireless Headphones

Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones


This great sound brand sneaks into this list of the best-selling and most valued headphones. Its look is based on the look of its previous model, which makes it a foolproof basic. It has all the comfort and stability of a headset for your day-to-day.

The design and materials of the Bose QuietComfort 45 are of very high quality. The marking plays and creases have been removed from the soft materials. Failing that, they play with smooth transitions. They are very durable and foldable, so you can store them in small spaces and transport them comfortably.

The necessary buttons are integrated into the headphones with which you can raise and lower the volume, turn them on or off and pair them via Bluetooth. You will also have the possibility to answer and hang up your calls, as well as play or pause the music you are listening to.

The autonomy offered by these Bose headphones reaches 24 hours. They are charged via USB-C, instead of Micro USB, and their battery is fully charged in just two hours. In addition, it has a fast-charging model with which you can charge them in just fifteen minutes and you can have up to three hours of playback.

Wireless Headphones Energy Sistem Earphones Style


With more than 25 years of experience in the creation of sound devices, the Energy Sistem brand has created its range of wireless headphones that are well known for their quality and innovative character.

This wireless model has a proximity sensor, so when the user decides to remove the headphones, they stop automatically. When they come into contact with the user's ear again, they reconnect without the need to manipulate any buttons.

They also incorporate the Easy Connect function, which allows that once linked for the first time, the headphones pair automatically on their own. Just take them out of their charging case, and you're good to go. This experience is highly valued by the client, who sees the work with them greatly simplified.

In this way, the configuration of the headphones will not create big headaches for you. They are designed to offer you higher quality at a more than acceptable price. You don't need to be very tech-savvy to be able to use them easily.

In addition, simply place them on the Qi base and they are fully charged. In this way, you will not have to worry about carrying external chargers or annoying cables.

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones


This model of wireless headphones closes the list. Under a design very similar to that of its CX 400BT headphones, the Sennheiser CX Plus has a good size in which all the touch functions of the device can be placed. Through its smooth rectangular exterior touch panel, calls or the voice assistant are controlled.

They have the noise cancellation function and the ability to customize your equalizer. The company offers everyday quality, thanks to its TrueResponse, an acoustic setting that was created for much more expensive headphones.

This model fulfills its mission in a remarkable way and has a design that users value as simple, minimalist, and compact. You can easily transport them from one place to another without any problem. In addition, they are resistant to the frequent shocks and impacts of everyday life.

Among all its functions, it incorporates the novelty of the Smart Pause intelligent pause function, which automatically turns off playback when it detects that the headset is not in the user's ear.

Another key feature included is support for Bluetooth 5.2, aptX, aptX Adaptive, SBC, and AAC. In this way, the wireless headphones are paired with a companion app to manage connections and customize audio playback.

The autonomy of this model of headphones is 24 hours of total time.

Finally, and despite what it might seem in the face of all these features, Sennheiser promises up to 24 hours of total autonomy time, with up to eight hours of battery life in the headphones themselves plus two additional full charges thanks to its case.

Guide To Buying Wireless Headphones and Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between wireless and Bluetooth headphones?

It is likely that on some occasions you have been able to think that wireless technology is the same as Bluetooth technology, however, it is not. There is an important difference between one and the other model. And it is that Bluetooth is integrated into many devices, while wireless headphones have to resort to an adapter to connect with a device.

Bluetooth headsets are easy to connect, easy to use, and experience less interference. Meanwhile, wireless headphones contain small electronic speakers that must be worn close to the ears. The device will transmit radio frequency waves that will be picked up by the headphones and played as music or sounds.



How to choose wireless headphones?: Aspects to consider

There are endless models of wireless headphones on the market, however, the most important thing to keep in mind, before starting to look for them, is to be clear about the needs that we need to cover. In this sense, the first thing we must establish is priorities, in this way we will be able to make a purchase that can perfectly cover what we are looking for.

How to know the sound quality of wireless headphones?

The sound quality of your wireless headphones will depend on the quality of the transducers, the internal amplifier, the DAC, and its connectivity. With all this data, you can make a much smarter purchase. And the good news is that you won't have to go crazy to find them, they are all in their technical sheets, which you can easily access.

How do wireless headphones work?

The system of use of this model of headphones is very simple. Whether they are wireless or wired headphones, their operation is composed in the same way. When an analog audio signal (alternating current) passes through the drivers and causes a proportional movement in the diaphragm of the drivers. The movement of diaphragm moves the air to produce sound waves that mimic the AC voltage shape of the audio signal.

No matter what type of driver the headphones integrate, this action is necessary. In this way, the most common is the dynamic type.

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