Throughout life, we all buy things that are necessary. But some of us, make the biggest mistakes in our lives by spending a lot of money on things we absolutely don't need just because of the circumstances. A week later it starts to sink in, that whatever you just bought was just a waste of money. "I could've spent it on something else I really needed" , you then start thinking.

Some things that I bought in my lifetime that I really really regret:

  • This newspaper subscription for that was offered to me by a sales person on the streets. I was kind of charmed by this guy, so I took it purely because he begged me to. Worst mistake of my life, because it took me a while to figure out how to stop the subscription.
  • This stupid cross-fit bike, that I paid 1 euro for. I still regret that to this day. You are probably wondering why I regret such a good deal for just 1 euro. First of all, we had to carry the damn thing home, the two of us, without a car. Then after 10 days, my workout mood disappeared. Therefore the thing became just a decoration. After 1 month, it became a stumble party with stubbed, painful toes and then I knew that I had to get rid of it.
  • Disney+. This one seemed to be one of the most useless subscriptions I've ever gotten. We thought that we could replace Netflix with it, because it was much cheaper. But all movies were boring and most of them I'd already seen when I was a kid. Back to Netflix it was...

Free photo by gerait on Pixabay

What are some things you regret paying for in your life?

What are things you regret paying for?

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