What are you going to learn and what would you like to forget most?

Good morning,
Maybe weird when I say the word “balance”!
Everything (and everyone) has a “good” and a “bad” side.
Something “positive” can always bring about something “negative” or lead to it (and vice versa).
A “victory” can also entail “loss”.
Let “learn something and forget it” now have the same meaning in terms of content.
It would be special if we could learn lessons from every experience. You may not understand it directly, but sooner or later it can still do something to you.
An annoying experience can give you insights that will benefit you later. Sometimes it only takes some time to be able to leave a nasty experience behind you and to give a place, that is, to accept it.
This is another kind of balance. It can bring you pain, but once you move on, it can be a new hunch that lets you get away from this “negative” feeling and start smiling again.
Every experience will make you aware of who you are and what you stand for. An insight that we all need to be in balance, where you can make life as challenging as possible (for yourself).
It can put us in situations that we need at that moment, to get RRIENT forward in the process we are in. Learning to accept it in order to find the best possible balance.
What are you going to learn and what would you like to forget most?
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Greetings, Mitch Peters
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