What do your feet think of the storm?


The island in this picture comes from the challenge ' Visual writing 'by Sophie Hilhorst. It's one of the links to this story.

Read on what I mean...

What to do in the storm?

It's storming. We can go to the sea and have a nice breath. Keep your shoes on, because imagine that they blow away when you hold them in your hand. You will have to go home barefoot on the bike or on the scooter, the motorcycle, by public transport or walking.


Guaranteed you'll get a problem with your feet. I think they'll hate you for the rest of your life for what you did to them. So... do you go to the beach and want to pamper your feet with a seawater bath? Then put your shoes and socks in a backpack and make sure that it is tightly closed and firmly on your back. So don't let it hang loosely over one shoulder; then you have a chance of the backpack slipping off you, or worse... you take off. Even then your feet will not be happy and you have a lot to explain to them.

Taken in the storm


Can you see it? Shoes off, socks off, everything safely stored in the backpack. You still have such a intention to hang that backpack over both your shoulders.

Suddenly there is the gust of wind. And it's not just a gust of wind. No, this one has megapowers, and before you know it, you'll be lifted with a backpack and barefoot. You go higher and higher and further and beyond.

The only thing you can do is hold on to your backpack firmly and hope that you end up on earth again. You hope and you pray, the tears blow off your cheeks. At least you think it's over now and the end is near. You don't see how this is gonna work out with you anymore. You just hope that at least you'll be found somewhere, dead or alive, so your family can be notified.

Alone - with your feet - on the island

It's all going differently than you thought. You've been hanging in the air for hours, in shock. You don't remember from the front that you live from behind, but then something starts to change. The wind is decreasing and land is coming in sight. You don't believe your eyes. You are gently put down on soft, warm sand. You're starting to recover very slowly from your adventure. The warm sand and the sun on your skin do you good.

Your feet, which are already dying off from the cold, are slowly starting to come back to life and get a little warmer. They were deeply frozen and even colder than the rest of your body.

And yes, they hate you! They're freezing cold and they're hurting unimaginably. But... the warmer they get and the more life they get in them, the happier they get. The hatred makes way for love.


Meanwhile, there's nothing else you can do but lie there on the warm sand. Your brain is starting to come back to life and the rest of your limbs are getting warmer and warmer. That does not mean that they now have a normal body temperature. No, you're still cold, but your chances of survival are gradually increasing.

The man in white and the storm

And then suddenly you see someone is coming to you. He docks his boat near where you are and jumps smoothly out of the boat. He's a man wearing sporty clothes in immaculate white. He's wearing white pants that come to his knees, a beautiful white polo shirt. He wears white sneaker socks and of course also white sports shoes.


The man himself has a dark skin color. His skin has a beautiful brown color that does not come from the sun. You realize that either the end can come at any moment, or your salvation is near.

Then you see his warm smile and a voice saying everything will be fine. He kneels at you, puts his hands on your head and begins to speak in a foreign language. You have no idea what he means or what to do. You're deeply confused, but you're still unable to answer.

And you're not that hot, even though you notice that you are warming up pretty quickly now. Suddenly you feel an intensely warm glow going through your entire body. It starts with your brain and you literally feel it going through your entire body and it stays warm where it comes. You notice that you can move your limbs a little again. You can feel the power coming back into your body. Your feet begin to cheer and cheer. They get strong.

The man walks to the boat and comes back with a chair and a large cooler. He puts you in the chair and takes fruit and a cup of moisture out of the cooler. The moisture is a kind of milkshake that tastes like strawberries. It turns out to be a kind of power supply, and you can feel your powers coming back more and more. Also the fruit he gives you tastes excellent and you rejoice. You look around and find out that you have ended up in a beautiful place and that the sea is azure blue. The man grabs your hand and points you out of the chair.

After the storm, your feet are happy again

You find out that your feet can carry your weight, and love is complete again. You take your shoes and socks out of your backpack and put them on. They are so good. You start to walk a little back and forth, and your powers are back.

You want to thank the man for saving your life and turn around the way you last saw him, but he disappeared without a trace. Even his boat is not visible in the farthest distance. He seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

You don't understand anything at all, but then you remember a story about angels, who, on behalf of God, do all kinds of things for people. Your eyes will be opened. You were helped by an angel. You fall on your knees and thank God from the bottom of your heart for saving your life.


You'll see how you get home... that's from later care. First, find a place to stay, find out where you are and inform your family about your adventures. For the next few months, you will be here to serve God with your life.

And then you woke up and realized it was just a dream. But your life has changed forever, and you'll keep your shoes on when you go for a walk in the storm. You never know...

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