What's New On Netflix in May 2022: TV Shows,...

What's New On Netflix in May 2022: TV Shows, Movies, Netflix Originals

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (Netflix Movie)

If you are a fan of the spy thrilling genre, then Yaksha: Ruthless Operations is the appropriate movie for you. It has been released worldwide on 8th April 2022 and is now successfully streaming on Netflix. 

The story starts with the humiliation of a prosecutor who fails in his mission and consequently his boss sends him on an assignment to inspect a highly perilous black ops team and its leader, Yaksha. 

Eventually, both the spies get involved in a destructive war against each other. However, with the alluring plot, story, and Grafix usages, Yaksha Ruthless Operations has become a sensation among the new releases on Netflix. 

Not only that, but this film has also portrayed the political landscape of North-East Asia. So, if you are ready to experience an amazing thrilling genre with the political clashes, then don't forget to give it a go.

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood (Netflix Anime)

Fictional anime stories captivate our hearts, right? Likewise, A Space Age Childhood is an American anime fiction that has mesmerized people with the mix of the nostalgia from the sixties and the lunar landing from the perspective of a 10 1/2 years old boy. 

Directed by Richard Linklater, this movie depicts the evolving era of America through the memory lane of the protagonist whose childhood was deeply influenced by science fantasy.

Apollo 10 1/2 A Space Age childhood is among the best new releases on Netflix securing massive praise because of its alluring writing, visuals, and nostalgic ambiance.

Battle: Freestyle (Netflix Film)

Battle Freestyle is another add-on to the list of the Netflix new releases. Directed by Ingvild Soderlind, this movie has been released on April 1, 2022. Battle Freestyle belongs to the musical drama genre showing the bonding between an artist and his art. 

With a captivating story and compelling visuals, this Netflix film has successfully depicted the real struggle the artists like dancers face to make a living for their passion. So, if you are a dance lover and want to invigorate your affection once more, then this movie is a perfect suit for you.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story (Netflix Documentary)

If you are a fan of television documentaries, then Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story will surely fascinate you. The documentary consists of two parts and revolves around the life and career of Jimmy Savile, the then famous television star. 

Though he has the deepest darkest secret in his past life, still he is one of the most adored faces in Britain. Whenever he is suspected, every time he succeeds to put a veil on his secret for the strong political connections.

But after his death, finally, the secret gets revealed by a noteworthy TV channel. To know more about Jimmy's past life and the scandals after his death, do watch this film on Netflix.

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 (Netflix Anime)

Season 2 is no less captivating than season 1 of the Netflix family Pacific Rim. The second season starts from exactly where season 1 ends. It revolves around the journey of two siblings who set off their journey to Sydney Base. On the way, they encounter Kajjus and start fighting with them.

Season 2 is no less captivating than season 1 of the Netflix family Pacific Rim. The second season starts from exactly where season 1 ends. It revolves around the journey of two siblings who set off their journey to Sydney Base. On the way, they encounter Kajjus and start fighting with them.

Elite: Season 5 (Netflix Series)

If you want to experience the Spanish thrilling genre, then the Netflix series Elite will be a perfect match for you. After the massive success of the former four seasons, Elite has come up with another thrilling season. 

Basically, the Elite story revolves around a group of school students who eventually get involved in various scandalous activities. How they cope with this situation, how they are inspected by the detectives, and how the mystery gets resolved - everything has been amusingly wrapped up in this season.

Season 5 of Elite was released on 8 th April 2022 and is now successfully streaming on Netflix.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (Netflix Film)

Do you want to have a spine-chilling experience? or, Are you looking for exclusive horror movies on Netflix? Then the Netflix film Ouija: Origin of evil is your go-to option. Directed by Mike Flanagan, this movie is a predecessor of the 2014 film Ouija.

 The story starts with a young widow, Alice Zander who lives along with her daughters, Lina and Doris. Still, the family isn't fully recovered from the recent death of Roger, Alice's husband. 

In the meantime, at Lina's casual proposal, Alice tries out the ouija board and mistakenly summons an evil spirit named Marcus. 

The story takes a horrible turn from this moment when Marcus possesses Doris, Lina's younger daughter. Everything starts falling apart before this family. After that, thrilled Alice asks for help from Father Tom who later unfolds the mystery of Marcus.

Ozark, Season 4 Part 2 (Netflix Series)

After getting amazed by the previous seasons, fans were desperately waiting for part 2 (season 4) of the Netflix film Ozark and the wait comes to an end when it was finally released on April 29, 2022.

The first part of season 4 left lots of threads for its predecessor and consequently, the second part has done a great job of introducing numerous twists, characters, plotlines, actions, drama, and much more. In this part, Marty and Wendy get extricated from Helen and find a chance to flee the Ozarks.

But ultimately they can't escape from their destiny and end up losing their lives. From Ruth to Wendy, the uniqueness of every characteristic will freeze you from within. So, make sure to catch the final episodes of Ozark on Netflix.

Silverton Siege (Netflix Film)

This thriller film is based on a true event that occurred in Silverton, Pretoria in 1980. The story starts with three revolutionaries (Calvin Cumalo, Mbali Terra Mabunda, and Aldo Erasmus) breaking into a bank and declaring their presence with the gunshot in the air.

Eventually, they make it clear that they don't have any intention of bank robbery, but instead, they need the release of Nelson Mandela.

With the progress of the story, you would witness violent moments in terms of characters shot, stabbed, killed, and so on. This Netflix documentary Silverton Siege is a perfect option if you want to revitalize your memory of the 1980 s events.

Youth V Gov ( Netflix Film)

Netflix film Youth V Gov is another best add-on in the "what's new on Netflix " list. It's a story of Juliana and other 21 American youth who encounter the world's most powerful government. 

As a leader, Juliana raises her voice for the diversity of the Youth affected by the climate crisis. Youth V Gov is one of the masterpieces of Netflix originals. 

Here the characters encompass cultural, economic, and biological diversity and many of them come from the most backward communities holding the torch of hope for those who don't have any scopes to speak for themselves. 

Their involvement in this commendable journey ensures the future of Youth and makes each story universal.

Heirs to the Land (Netflix Series)

Netflix film Heirs is a Spanish historical drama focused on the happenings in the life of Hugo after Arnau Estanyol's death. Bernat Estanyol gets to know about his father's execution and comes back to her mom from Constantinople. 

But unfortunately, as soon as he reaches home, he sees her mom dead. He starts burning in the fire of revenge and makes Hugo vow to make it happen for him. This Netflix series is a package of drama, action, and plotlines that leaves you amazed after watching it.

The Tiger and Bunny 2 ( Netflix anime)

After a long wait for season 1, finally, season 2 of the Netflix film Tiger and Bunny is now successfully premiering on this platform. Like the former season, season 2 also focuses on the trademark heroes and their partners who are learning and growing to become the best superheroes in the world.

The first half of the series is all about their personal struggles whereas the action starts at the last second of the story when the villain enters the city. So, if you are both an action and anime lover, then don't forget to give it a watch.

Metal Lords (Netflix Film)

Netflix family Metal Lords covers the story of two high school boys who want to establish a heavy metal band. In the meantime, they meet a girl who is highly skilled at cello and they decide to work together. 

If they collaborate with each other and stay away from all the troubles, then one day they'll surely make their dream true. So, to know more about their journey, do watch this movie on Netflix.

Shrek Forever After (Netflix comedy film)

Who doesn't like comedy films? Everyone, right? So, for those who are fans of comedy movies, Netflix has made a new addition named Shrek forever after It is overall a funny appealing movie with countless humorous scenes. 

The story focuses on the life of a green ogre named Shrek longing for a way to get out of the duped contract with Rumpelstiltskin and restore his previous life with his true love. 

Will Shrek be able to come out of this situation? Well, then you have to catch this movie on Netflix to know more about Shrek's life and its unpleasant shadows. Shrek Forever After was released on April 1, 2022, and is now successfully premiering on Netflix.

Bubble (Netflix Comedy)

This is one of the best-performing movies on Netflix. The story of The Bubble revolves around a group of actors who are bound to stay within a bubble and film a franchise movie during the pandemic. 

This film belongs to the comedy genre and is now currently available on Netflix. In this film, there is no shortage of fun, humor, drama, and plot lines. So, don't forget to give it a watch.

Celeb Five: Behind the Curtain (Netflix Comedy)

Netflix family Celeb: Behind the Curtain is another add-on to the group of Netflix comedy specials. It is a dupe documentary program that portrays all the activities of five celebs who get offers from Netflix to conduct a comedy show.

Eventually they practice it to give their best on the stage. The consonance of Song Eun-i and the witty humor of Ahn Young-mi draw the attention of the viewers and make it one of the most adorable shows on Netflix. So, Are you ready to watch it?

Russian Doll *Season 2 (Netflix Series)

If you have already watched season 1 of the Netflix series Russian Doll, then you must be waiting for season 2. This season explores further the misty source of the long-lasting struggles of the maternal relationship of Nadia and Alen. 

With the amazing story and an unexpected climax, this season succeeds to hook the audience till the end. It hits Netflix on 20 April 2022. So, give it a watch to unveil the mystery of their lives.

Senzo: The Murder of the Soccer Star (Netflix Documentary)

Senzo: The Murder of the Soccer star documents the murder and the following investigation of Senzo Meyiwa, a 27 years old South-African footballer. 

This documentary consists of five parts- each unveiling a new angle and introducing a new turn of the murder case. So, if you are a person who loves to watch murder mysteries, then this documentary is for you.

Michela Giraud: The Truth I Swear (Netflix Comedy)

This Netflix Documentary  Michela Giraud: The Truth I swear unfolds the life experiences, career journey, and other crucial life aspects of a famous stand-up comedian. This is a one-hour show directed by Vittorio Antonacci. It was released on 6th April 2022 and is now successfully streaming on Netflix.

Better Call Saul Season 5 (Netflix Series)

Better Call Saul has successfully launched its 5th season consisting of a total 10 episodes. Eventually, Over the course of these episodes, the viewers will witness how Saul influences Kim, reunites his friendship with Mike, and gradually becomes the major target of Lalo Salamanca, the vicious cartel leader.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (Netflix Series) (New Episodes Weekly)

Netflix series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on is a recent attempt of reinventing the dating series where 6 tempting couples come to strengthen their bond and in this process sometimes few of them end up losing their long-lasting relationships. 

This show allows them to rectify their mistakes by adopting various ways and in the course of 2 months, they are even free to choose a partner from another couple to see if their new bond is stronger than the previous one or not.

Green Eggs and Ham *Season 2 (Netflix Family)

Netflix series Green Eggs and Ham is one of the best-animated series available on Netflix. The story starts from exactly where season 1 ends. Here Sam prepares to travel the whole world. 

He along with Pam spends lots oftime together exploring the globe. In the finale, Sam ultimately comes to know about her mother's placement. Consequently, he rushes to find her in East Flurbia, and on the midway, he again gets involved in another adventure.

Season 2 of Green Eggs and Ham is full of adventures and thrillers. Not only that, with its alluring Grafix and visuals, it has successfully grabbed viewers' attention. So, don't forget to give it a try if you are a fan of the children's animation genre.

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes(Netflix Documentary)

Emma Cooper's The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes is a crime documentary that revolves around the death of the movie icon Marilyn Monroe and the following events. 

Moreover, as the story delves deeper, Marlyn's traumatized past life gets unfolded to the viewers. People remember her past activities regarding smoking, consuming drugs and alcohol, love-making, and so on. 

Apart from that, there're lots of unknown facts about her life that have been put forward to the audience. So, don't forget to watch this on Netflix.

Honeymoon with My Mother (Netflix Film)

Honeymoon with My Mother is one of the comedy-drama movies on Netflix. Though the title of the movie sounds a bit awkward, there's suspense hidden in this film and as the movie unfolds further, the viewers get to know the actual reason behind such an uneasy name of this feature film.

The story revolves around a mother-son duo going on a honeymoon when his fiance cheated on him for another guy. But later they both end up having a beautiful relationship of love and care between a mom and a son.

Abby Hatcher* Season 2

Abby Hatcher (Season 2) is a new TV show which is now streaming on Netflix". The show is all about a little girl who dreams big and wants to fulfill them as soon as possible.

When her friends go wrong with something or make mistakes, she helps them out with various solutions and tells them to learn from their mistakes. It's an animated show that portrayed both sides (Light and darkness) of the world.

Mai (Netflix Series)

If someone asks for the best addition to Netflix original, Mai will be the appropriate answer. Netflix series Mai has beautifully depicted the inner power of a mom who can go to any extent to revenge on her daughter's unusual death.

A grieving mother takes vows to identify the criminals and give them merciless punishment to extinguish the fire of revenge. This series is a masterpiece that has successfully portrayed the limitless power of a mom. So, don't forget to give it a go.

Our Great National Parks (Netflix Documentary)

Our Great National Parks is an informational documentary that covers some of the world's best national parks and the wildlife dispensed by former US president Barack Obama. This documentary has been released on 13th April 2022.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Netflix Film)

Who doesn't know about Sherlock Holmes? Everyone, right? Well, Those who love to watch suspense thrilling genre movies or the fans of this greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will hit them hard. The whole is based on the unusual death of Austria's Crown Prince.

Everyone considers it a suicidal case whereas Sherlock finds something wrong and starts investigating his death. With numerous turns, twists, mysteries, and Sherlock's witty ways to demystify the truth will leave you frizzed and amazed once you watch this film.

Trivia Quest (Netflix Series)

As the mobile game Trivia Crack, Trivia Quest is another Trivia-themed game. In this game, Willy, the main character needs your assistance to help his friends who are captured by the evil Rocky. 

There will be multiple questions related to Netflix shows and the human body. You have to answer these questions and help Willy.

Each episode of the series has two modes- One is a standard mode which is the easiest and another one is a Hard Mode which is quite hard and makes you think for some time. So, if you are interested to play this and help Willy, do this out on Netflix.

David Spade: Nothing Personal ( Netflix Comedy)

David Spade: Nothing Personal is a comedy stage presence. In a world full of clashes, stress, and tension, this stage performance will make the audience light-hearted from their daily hectic lives. 

David Spade knows how to hook the audience till the end with his commandable humorous skill. This show was released on April 26, 2022, and is now premiering on Netflix.

The 7 Lives of Lea (Netflix Series)

The Netflix series The 7  Lives of Lea follows the story of a woman who encounters the body of Ismael, who got vanished 30 years earlier. And, this unusual event takes her back to 1991 when she wakes every morning with a different body. 

So, do watch this series, and know more about the mystery of these atypical activities.

My Liberation Notes ( Netflix Series)

It is a Korean drama that has already made its buzz among the audience and got decent reviews from both the reviewers and viewers. This series revolves around the story of three siblings and a stranger ( Yeom Chang -Hee, Yeom My - Jeong, Yeom Gi - Jeong, and Mr. Gu) who are not happy in their existing lives.

Like the other Korean dramas, My Liberation Notes has also gained popularity worldwide within a short period of time. All the episodes of My Liberation Noteshave already been aired on Netflix, So, make sure to give it a watch.

Rumsprings (Netflix Film)

Rumsprings is all about a young Amish man, Jacob who travels all the way to Berlin to connect with her root. There he explores other aspects of life, breaks all his Amish rules, and falls in true love. Check out this movie on Netflix to perceive all the unexpected happening in Jacob's life.

Grace and Frankie* Season 7(Netflix Series)

Grace and Frankie is the longest series on Netflix and the last episodes of season 7 finally arrived on 29 April 2022.

This season revolves around two adult women (Grace and Frankie) whose lives get upside down and shattered when their husbands(Robert and Sol) announce that they are in love with each other and want to leave their wives.

Instead of feeling drained and helpless, they gradually become best friends of each other. This series is full of family drama and plotlines. so, if you are someone who likes this kind of family series, then go and enjoy it.

Dirty Lines ( Netflix Series)

In this Netflix series, you will get to sense the mix of 1980s historical events. It is based on the fictionalized events of the flow of Holland's first-ever phone sex line. 

Dirty lines belongs to the category of Netflix original series and was released on 8 th April 2022 securing a significant place among the Netflix series lovers.

Along for The Ride (Netflix Film)

It is a romantic drama based on the Sarah Dessen novel of the same name. The story follows Auden, a teenage girl who meets Eli during the summer before leaving college.

Every night they both set off on a journey and feel the immense happiness of teen life. But the twist comes with Eli who has an untold mystery embedded in him. What's that? So, to know about his life and uncover the truth, hop into Netflix and give this film a try.

Other New Releases on Netflix - Full List of May 2022

Apart from the above-mentioned releases, there are a number of movies and series that Netflix has added to its collection. So, if you are ready to watch the exclusive addition of Netflix, check out the below-mentioned list and pick up one as per your choice.

Netflix Film

  • A Cinderella Story
  • Any Given Sunday
  • Blade( I, II, and Trinity)
  • Catch and Release
  • Forever Out of My League
  • Four Brother
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Today we fix the world
  • Choose or Die
  • Man of God
  • The Turning Point
  • How to Train your Dragon
  • Inception
  • Love Actually
  • Molly's Game
  • The Rental
  • The Ring
  • We The Animals

Netflix Series

  • Get Organized With Home Edit( Season 2)
  • Polly Pocket: Summer of Fun (Season 4)
  • Tomorrow
  • Green Mother's Club
  • Queen of the South (Season 5)
  • My Liberation Notes
  • Our Blues
  • Hard Cell
  • Almost Happy(Season 2)
  • Smother-in-Law
  • Anatomy of a Scandal
  • Strawberry Shortcake Berry in the Big City ( Season 1)
  • LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission (Season 1-4)
  • Van Helsing (Season 5)
  • The Marked Heart
  • Yakamoz: S-275
  • He's Expecting
  • Heartstopper
  • Selling Sunset
  • Bullsh*t the Game Show

Netflix Documentary

Exclusive Netflix Releases for the month of May

  • Return to Space
  • White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie Fitch

Exclusive Netflix Releases for the month of May

Here are two exclusive releases that you may count on your list and watch as soon as they premier in May.

Senior Year (Netflix film)

This will be another great addition to Netflix comedy originals. The story revolves around a 37 years old woman who just woke up from a coma after almost 20 years.

She was a high-school cheerleader but unfortunately falls into a coma. As soon as she wakes up, she goes back to her school and claims her previous status to become a prom queen.

This movie will premier on Netflix on May 13, 2022. So, hold your breath and watch this film as soon as it airs.

Stranger Things *Season 4, Volume 1(Netflix Series)

After almost 3 years, Netflix is finally premiering the fourth season of Stranger Things (volume 1). Again the fans will be able to watch their favorite characters - Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Steve, Nancy, Hopper, and the buyers.

Though these characters are now separated from each other ( Eleven and the buyers are in California, Hopper is incarcerated in Russia and other members are now in Hawkins and Indiana), dangers and horrors won't leave them.

The story is full of gunshots, horror, explosions, and so on. It means there's no lack of thrillers in the upcoming show Stranger Things.

Other New Releases coming in May

  • Octonauts: Above &Beyond( season 2) (Available on 2nd May)
  • Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive (Available on 3 rd May)

Available on 4th May

  • 40 Years Yong
  • The Circle (season 4)
  • EI Marginal: Three Mile Iceland
  • Summertime (Season 3)

Available on 5th May

  • Blood Sisters
  • Clark
  • The Pentaverate
  • Wild Babies.

Available on May 6th

  • Along for the Ride
  • Marmaduke
  • The Sound of Magic
  • Thar
  • Welcome to Eden

Apart from these, a range of new episodes, films, and movies are also going to release on Netflix in the upcoming month. So, hold your breath to experience a new genre of entertainment.

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