When the tax is absurd

#taxes Where is our money going?
In Venezuela, Income Tax (ISLR) is a tax duty that is declared and paid on a mandatory basis in the first three months of the year (January, February and March) to the state. It is calculated according to the income received by the taxpayer during the previous fiscal year.

In my country where everything is chaos, without common basic services, deplorable infrastructure and a pyrrhic salary, which is not enough to meet the primary needs, I consider it illogical and meaningless that people who earn less than the equivalent of the basic family basket - which in December was $294 - and the salary of only 5 dollars must pay.

Payment of such tax must be required from those who are in a position to survive financially. I consider it an “inconsistency" to demand a contribution from those who survive on a minimum wage in Venezuela.
But good as the same you have to pay taxes because it is mandatory (if you don't, you're fined) I am in the right to ask them this question where is the payment of my taxes going if nothing works? ? ?