Who's the mole? Episode 3...

Sunday 4 April 2021...

The third episode already.. exciting... I'm ready to detect hints, study candidates and go all the way in the game..

Episode 3..

A hilarious park walk with lots of dogs, a photo hunt for their owners, a hypnosis show and a lot of fallen dominos make for a lot of chaotic moments. With a lot of disagreements and reproaches that are bounced against each other, Isidoor the new cuddly dog of the team sleeps quietly until he decides to push his nose against the stones.. After all, he is trained to press a button and let such a dominosteentje really be interesting to practice for a while..

The fallout..

This time Noah will be sent to home.. He was the youngest candidate ever to get a place in Wie is De Mol? And went there for the full 100% before he was also the one who played Jens home in episode 1.

My suspect....

Although Philip often seems very plump, I sincerely think that in his enthusiasm he is sometimes just clumsy. Also Katrien sometimes found me to be suspicious because as a vascular surgeon who performs precision surgery throws over dominostetjes a number of times, seems to me also questionable . Yet I keep focusing on Annelotte because she is the one who determined the number of female, so that the math where Philip had calculated everything correctly was wrong. Also I think it's really weird that she immediately has Isidoor (the dog) his trust. For me, Annelotte is my mole for a while.

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After Eight
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Have you lied to achieve a purpose?
#qa In Venezuela, the lie has become a habit. Liveness and lie has become the day of almost all its inhabitants. Getting to a healthcare center in the middle of this pandemic is depressing. Recently I have had to take a family member with symptoms of covid and with a fairly committed prognosis to one of these outpatients and it has been an almost wild struggle to be cared for. Standing at the door for long hours and seeing how they cared for some patients and others did not, forced me to put a lie of the pious calls to be cared for. On this occasion I had to say that it was recommended by a senior state government official (which I had heard from someone else) to be taken care of.. Now I wonder, is it bad to lie?. Maybe if I hadn't done it, my relative could have passed away.. This example undoubtedly has the ability to generate an interesting debate about lying. It is said that a lie changes everything, in my case, of course it changed, I was taken care of immediately, but my conscience is not clear and I do not feel good for having done it, because thinking that there were patients in equal or worse conditions makes me feel a bad person. But at the same time I wonder if a person who hunts animals asks us in which direction did the fox go what would you say? , the right direction or the other, if you know that by lying you could save his life. Pixabay image