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Why Do We Have Armpit Hair & What Is Its Function?

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Although it is clear that a good part of the human body produces body hair, and that we already know some of the reasons why these hairs appear and develop in certain specific areas, we cannot lose sight of the fact that armpit hair is curious. They play a much more important role than we might think at first.

This hair that begins to be seen during puberty, that stage of life in which several of the changes that characterize the passage from childhood to adolescence occur, is still a reason for curiosity in those who go through this metamorphosis.



Characteristics Of Hair In The Armpits

It has some peculiarities that allow it to be differentiated from other hairs. Classified as part of the hair or terminal hair, it comes to replace the previous one, with some specifications such as its large amount of pigment, a thickness that makes it very visible, and, finally, that spread throughout the body given its presence in the armpits, pubis, eyebrows, and eyelashes, etc.

Underarm hair is usually two to five centimeters long, and it doesn't grow any longer than that. It is often referred to as “ambosexual hair” since it grows in people of both sexes, although it is more visible in men.

Armpit hair is nothing more than the result of the action of androgens in the body. This group of hormones, including testosterone, which is not exclusive to men as some think, generates hormonal changes in the human body that make armpits hair grow in teens, a classic process of this stage of life.

Why Does Hair Grow In The Armpits?

This hair protects that region from the extreme temperatures to which it could be exposed, cold, or hot, adapting to the environment to keep the body healthy and safe from that thermal sensation. The concentration of hair also prevents the accumulated sweat liquid from dripping downwards, as it happens on the clothing itself, which leads to that annoying and uncomfortable situation that you surely know.

For this reason, many people shave their armpits, believing that this will eliminate the odor. Nothing is further from the truth, since the smell of perspiration has to do with poor hygiene and the accumulation of bacteria in this area, not with whether or not there is local hair. Well, its function is really that, among others.


Benefits Of Underarm Hair

As I mentioned before, one of the main functions of armpit hair is to maintain an optimal temperature in the body. The hair is capable of acting as protection against cold air or excessive heat that comes into contact with this sensitive region.

1. Reduce friction

Armpit hair prevents skin-to-skin contact, therefore reducing irritation that friction can cause, for example when exercising. Not plucking this hair greatly reduces the chance of getting ingrown hairs, which can lead to painful discomfort and infection.

2. Pheromones

An odor originates in the armpits that is characteristic of each person and the presence of hair helps to trap it. Those scents are known as pheromones. In particular, they are chemical substances produced by the body naturally, which are released to act as signals, especially in the opposite sex.

The word pheromone is a neologism that comes from the Greek, and means to carry or transport something that causes a reaction or excitement. The definition became popular in the mid-20th century, and since then fragrances began to be manufactured seeking to reproduce the essence of these odors.

Hence the ancient belief associated the intensity of the smell in the armpits with an exaltation of masculine virtues. That as in scientific studies on animals, they served to increase attractiveness and find a partner.

3. Prevents other discomforts or diseases

Wearing armpit hair naturally, without shaving or plucking, reduces the appearance of rashes. Similarly, it prevents abscesses that form due to the obstruction of a clogged pore when exposed to chemicals or dirt. Faced with this reality, some doctors suggest that it is preferable to cut the hair with scissors if we want the area as clear as possible.


Shaving Armpit Hair Is A Personal Decision

While it is true that the trend to wear shaved skin prevails at this time, it is good to know the benefits of letting hair grow in the armpits. The criteria to eliminate them do not respond to a medical guideline but rather an aesthetic one. They are embedded in a cultural pattern typical of this century.

Bearing hairless skin and undergoing treatments to keep the skin free of armpit hair is a personal decision. It will depend on the tastes and customs of each one. In any case, in both cases, it does not cause any problem if good hygiene habits are maintained.

But Is It Bad To Shave?

According to studies published in the British Medical Journal, people who strive to have their armpits well groomed are at greater risk of infections; In addition, waxing and shaving cause minor trauma to the skin, leaving it vulnerable to pathogens.

Although removing body hair leaves the body more vulnerable, it is not a matter of life or death either, so experts point out that it is a personal decision and the essential thing is to maintain good personal hygiene, as mentioned before.

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