We constantly do research before deciding on the best materials for our goods. For your family, we want to make sure you have access to the safest, greenest solutions. Because of this, we selected silicone over the plastic to make our leak-proof Blue Water Bento package lids.

When dropped in the environment, silicone does not degrade into microplastic.

Since silicone does not break down into tiny bits when it is lost in the environment like plastic does, it is far more ocean-friendly and incredibly durable. Furthermore, silicone outperforms plastic substitutes in terms of durability and resistance to heat (even in industrial dishwashers!) and cold.

Silicone may be recycled at specialist facilities and is non-toxic when burnt.

Yes, silicone can be recycled through specialized facilities and safely burned without emitting hazardous fumes. (ECOlunchbox will manage recycling silicone through a mail-in program to a specialized recycler and take back silicone from our goods.) When silicone is burnt, its inert components amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapour return to their original, safe state (unlike plastic which releases toxins when burned).

Five non-food uses for our silicone pouches

Sustainable reusable silicone pouches are a perfect replacement for single-use items like plastic sandwich bags, cling film, and tin foil that contribute to landfill waste. However, they aren't only for leftovers! The pouches may be used for things other than food, and we've listed our top 5 uses below.

1. Makeup bag

There is absolutely a Sustainable silicone pouch to hold ALL of your brushes, pencils, makeup, and more since they come in three sizes and are really simple to clean. Put everything in a bag to prevent powder spillage in purses!

2. Towel kit

We've all been there: after a sweaty workout at the gym or a swim, it's time to shower and go. But what do you do with the nasty wet gear? Put your damp items in a pouch rather than buying a single-use plastic bag!

3. Materials for art

Our pouches are an excellent way to keep all of your art and craft items together (and to keep paint and colour off everything else! ), whether they be coloured pencils, paints and brushes, buttons, needles, or thread.

4. Waste-free purchasing

You're missing out if you haven't tried zero-waste shopping! You may use your own containers to add the precise quantity of grains, nuts, and seeds that you require; our pouches are great for reducing packaging waste.

5. Tech bag

Make sure all of your chargers, cables, battery packs, camera lenses, bike lights, and other electronic accessories are convenient to grasp, safe, and secure while you're out for the day or away for the weekend.

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Why Is Silicone Superior To Plastic?