Why Yoors?

#yoorsstory Are you looking for a good alternative to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tiktok or any other platform? Then Yoors is probably what you're looking for.

Yoors is democratic, your opinion counts and the team is constantly looking for and working on improvements for this platform. Your opinion is even asked! Thus, this post also originated. It's my opinion, the opinion of an independent blogger, through Yoors.
Do not expect to understand the concept in an hour. Not even in a day. Gradually everything becomes clear, and you can always ask questions. Many take the time to answer your questions! The opposite is also true; It is not higher mathematics! Here are all kinds of members of various' plumage ', training, etc.

Not only are you able to exchange views here in a pleasant way - which includes. Twitter and Facebook is different - you can also lose your creative egg here and even be honestly rewarded! Too good to be true? No, it's not. Yoors is not an easy money or fast rich system. Yoors is an opportunity to earn a nice money with your creations, which are not appreciated by value on the aforementioned platforms. Not appreciated at all.

Yoors won't pick up your content. Does not sell your data and does not earn on your back with advertising revenue, as the (far too) powerful Facebook does. Yoors does not interfere with political issues, like again; Facebook and Twitter not to mention. Yoors is not colored but neutral. Without glances or blush, you may have already shared everything with various platforms. Where you were at school, your age, where you work and worked, what your hobbies and interests are, what movies you've seen and what music you listen to and much more! Why would you want that? ? It is a strategy of Facebook at least to create a profile of you and earn rude from you by offering your profile to the commercial world. Again, make money on your back!

Yoors doesn't want your data. At most the necessary data to make a payout to you. But it's more than just money. Here you will find cosiness, creativity, stories, poems, crafts or just a good conversation. Post your works on Yoors, your drawings, your art, your blogs and it stays yours! And finally get the appreciation you deserve. And again, not only financially. Not yet convinced? First read something, dig into it. Become free and non-committal member. You can always leave.

There's no chance that you'll regret. You can unsubscribe again. But I have a strong suspicion, once you know Yoors, that you won't!

Ps: The first tip. Have you become a member? Then write your first post containing the hashtag #imnewhere and earn all your first pennies. You only write what you want to say about yourself. Nothing must, everything is allowed. As long as it remains civilized! ; -)

Sincerely, a satisfied blogger,

© The Original Enrique.