#wildlife On my trip to Argentina we had the opportunity to visit a contact zoo.  I didn't know, until I got here, what it meant at all.  In this Zoo on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, you can "literally" touch the animals.  They exist of all kinds.  However, with regard to wildlife, you can enter the cage directly, backed by a trainer or guardian of these animals.  Of course, I didn't even make the attempt to get into the cage, I just took pictures. But there were more reckless people who did.  Apparently, they keep them a little sedated with a bottle they put in their mouths. However, people had to quickly get out of the lion cage because they began to roar very loudly, and the keeper gave the eviction order.  Although you are in protected appearance, you should be cautious when making this kind of decision to want to interact with such wild animals.