Will you catch a cold by going out without a coat?

“Put on that coat before you go outside” is probably one of the most used and favorite phrases of mother.
But does putting on a jacket or not have anything to do with getting sick?

Cold doesn't mean you'll catch a cold.
Sore throat and runny nose occur when viruses find their way to your mouth, eyes or nose.

This usually happens because you came into contact with it by someone else who was infected.
Given the higher number of colds and other diseases during the colder winter months, it is likely that a misunderstanding has arisen that you will catch a cold by coming out without a coat or with wet hair.
But in fact, a cold arises more often because in the winter months you are more often indoors and are closer to each other, so viruses and diseases can spread more easily.


However, the cold also plays a role in the spread of viruses.
Because of the cold weather, the mucous membranes in your nose dry out, which makes you more susceptible to infections.
According to other studies, the cold would also affect your resistance if you are exposed to it for too long.
Because of the cold, we have fewer white blood cells to repel infections, making it easier for us to get sick.

Warm wrapping during the winter remains sensible.
But it is also equally important to take adequate hygiene measures to keep harmful bacteria away from you.

Regularly wash your hands, stay away from other sick, infected people or by disinfecting places that are regularly touched by others.
Also enough rest and limiting stress moments are important in order not to put your immune system too much to the test.

source: topics.be
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