With all Year members on a world trip (idea for a month challenge?)

Last week a lot has been posted on Yoors about the quality of the blogs on Yoors. Many discussions arose about plagiarism, but also the cultural differences and topics that are not accessible to everyone were mentioned. This led to the idea that we might be able to go on a world trip together during a new month challenge.. I don't know if there will be monthly challenges in the coming months? We step into Gouda, the capital of Yoors and pass through all kinds of countries of the world.

Every time that country or place is central to a beautiful original post. An own photo series, a traditional recipe with photo, a travel report, a drawing or whatever you can think of. So we go on a world trip together and get to know each other's cultures.

It's just an idea, so don't know if it's anything, but let's stay together a large group of Year members, where origin makes no difference. Precisely the diversity is so fun.

#worldtour , #yoorschallenge #challenge #theculture