Tokyo 2020

It was such an exciting moment to watch these athletes compete. I was rooting for our Portuguese. Mamona; she got second place on the podium, broke personal and national records and received the silver medal, a great achievement. Fantastic performance of the Venezuelan Rojas, who made history by breaking the world record; such an amazing result. Third place for the Spanish athlete Peleteiro, who also achieved a commendable result. These women, as well as all the other women athletes, bring sports achievements to the spotlight just as their Male fellow athletes do, they inspire girls to work towards a goal, they show that women are capable of so much more, and they can make a nation proud. But even if they don't conquer a place on the podium they still inspire millions with their strength and their hard work. The picture was taken from the internet and is being shared to illustrate the three first prizes of Women triple jump Tokyo 2020. #womenempowerment