Yeah, there's another new idea popping up in my head!

Drawings with use-things!

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On Youtube I came across something that triggered me, and a new series of drawings popped up in my head! Drawings with everyday use-things.

I started dissecting the previously made Christmas pieces, haha! That is also recycling of course!

Pines are, of course, just trees! And doggies pee at it, logical, right?


And between two 'trees' should hang a hammock where you can chill in!


And look what a sweet girl with a balloon in her hand! As long as she holds him well, the balloon won't blow away!

Here I want to make a beautiful series again in the coming time, and create a beautiful collection of it!

I am so looking forward to Yoors subscriptions, so I can organize my different blogs more easily! I believe I have to wait for this @Yoors Official and @Henkjan the Warrior ?

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