Yoors Tip: Did you know that you can vote again every day?

Do you want to bring someone's post back to attention, but you don't think you can because you've already given them a heart before?

No, that is not true. Double-click the heart one day later and give that post Yoors Points by choosing a desired amount. This is again seen as 1 vote every 24 hours. So the date of your vote will be updated and we will include it in our algorithm. This is relevant for the visibility of all posts! This post pops out again in the feed of other Yoorsies (provided they haven't seen it already). Convenient, isn't it?


You can vote for someone's post again in a pool each day. Would you like them to win again and help them reach the minimum of 10 votes a day, just double click on the heart and you'll achieve this.


Posts that receive votes every day appear again on the homepage of others and also in https://yoo.rs/trending.

So all in all, you can endlessly support new Yoors members or very good posts. The creator then gets at least 10 YP, while this also increases the audience that will see his/her post. #YLS  

Try it out? 🤞