Yoors Flower Parade, day 69

Today, I'd love to take you to Switzerland.
In that beautiful country I spent my holiday in 2007, among other things.
What is enjoying in those huge alps, I can get my heart there.

During a walk I found this beautiful Gentian there.
Gentians symbolize Switzerland for me, even though they are grown in our country for sale.
I took a picture of this beautiful flower, and I walked on, on to more beautiful.

As said: you can buy Gentians in the Netherlands, as bulbs, or as a plant, but they don't make it with this original.
The deep blue can still affect me.
You will find the Gentian on meadows in the Alps, from March to June.

The plants are small: a centimeter or 5-10 high, but they stand out for their color.
There are about 35 species of Gentians.
Gentians need poor, well-drained soil.

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