Yoors Flower parade, day 73

Today in the Flower parade: Sea buckthorn.
Sea buckthorn is not known for its flowers, but to the berries, it should not spoil the fun I find; -)
You will find Sea Buckthorn especially, not surprisingly, in the dunes.

Deer feast on it, for us humans, it's a huge stinging thing.
Seabuckthorn has huge spines, which my mother once experienced: she wanted to pick a twig, and had a huge thorn in her thumb: Ow!
Even when I wander through the dunes I have to be careful not to keep hooking in the bushes.
The deer do not suffer from this at all, they run through with ease.

Sea buckthorn is a plant that is well resistant to wind and sea salt.
You can find him in deserts sometimes.
Wikipedia tells me that birds sometimes get drunk from the berries they eat because they ferment.
Unfortunately, I haven't detected any drunken birds yet.

Sea buckthorn tastes bitter, I would not advise you to eat the berries (by the way, I almost never recommend it!).
As far as I know, Sea buckthorn is a protected plant, so it is forbidden to pick it.
WikiPedia taught me that Sea Buckthorn can bind nitrogen to itself: all the more reason to stay away!

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