Fuck you all. ! am an artist !

Yesterday I told you that 1% effort is not enough for a 100% income. If that is your ambition, then you will have to go for it 100%.

Today I'm going to highlight a different perspective. That of the artist.

A real artist makes something because it bubbles and ferments somewhere deep inside and that has to come out! I must and will make this. It comes from my heart, my body, my toes or sometimes even my genitals. But I will make this and no one will stop me!

I come across many artists who are frustrated that they can't eat from art or pay a mortgage on it. I find that illogical. Who ever told you that what you do or make is directly proportional to a good salary ?

If you want to avoid a lot of frustration, it is wise to make a choice.

Choice 1
I go for the 'creator' role and create content that earns me money. From video to courses etc. Try to climb out of your bubble and think about it carefully! Stay away from Yoors for a few days and make up your mind.. Research what is a creator actually ?

Choice 2
I am an artist. I throw at Yoors what I want to make and when I feel like it. I'll see what happens after that. What will stick on the wall ? Fuck you all i am an artist !
And ok i am broke, have not a lot to eat and live with my mother and father..

There are a few artists where this all coincides. They make art and earn tons of money. These artists are often said to have gone too 'commercial'. The people who say this are often the jealous wannabees and stragglers :)

The road to this place is via Choice 2.. Make what IS you. You are the only one who is the best in being you. There are no competitors..

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You share. We pay your share.
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