☁️ Yoors migration update ☁️

The past 2 days we have successfully migrated our Yoors infrastructure to the cloud ☁️!

In this post I'm going to explain to you what the effects are for you as a Yoors member and why we did this.

Although most of this work is "under the hood", you as a Yoors member won't see any changes on the first glance when you're visiting Yoors.

Nevertheless you may notice some speed improvements, especially if you're not from Europe. This is because we've chosen to grow with our international Yoors community.

In order to enable this we've chosen to make use of the cloud as a stepping-stone to scale out globally with our Yoors platform, and thus provide our international Yoors members a similar experience as our European members.

Even though the current Yoors speed experience is not fully optimized to its full potential.

We can proudly say that we've made the first steps in order to fulfill this for our Yoors community and create an even more happy Yoors experience!

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