Yoors Music Challenge rules

Yoors Music Challenge rules

  1. Give your own interpretation of an existing song.
    It must be an original video from yourself by yourself.
    Played and recorded by you and/or your band. So not someone else's content.
    You play and perform. It's your profile @ Yoors.
    Karaoke is not allowed. You play. You perform.
  2. It is not important if you are a pro or just a music maker for fun . Everybody has the chance to win. Just create !
  3. This will be uploaded to your profile on Yoors. (Not Youtube! Yoors has its own video platform. )
  4. You Must do this using the hashtag : #yoorsmusicchallenge 
  5. If your post does NOT contain this hashtag, you will not participate.
    If your post DOES contain this hashtag, but no video belonging to this challenge, your post will be removed.
  6. You can submit multiple times different videos.
  7. When video is posted you can gather your votes.
  8. You can promote your post inside and outside Yoors.
  9. On december 15 , we will publish AUDIENCE winner nrs 1 - 2 - and 3.
    They earn 1000, 500 and 250 euros. Or converted in $.
    Payout via Paypal or bankaccount.
  10. You can do anything to mobilize your audience and fans. You must have a Yoors account to vote for your video.
  11. December 15 , we will publish also the JURY winners numbers 1 - 2 and 3 . They also earn 1000, 500 and 250 euros. The jury will be announced later.
  12. In extreme cases, Yoors reserves the right to change the rules. This will then be communicated with a clear argumentation.

Any questions ? Send us an email : Henkjan@Yoo.rs or you can comment directly under this post with your question or comment. Answers guaranteed the same day.

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