Have you always wanted to ask questions to your followers: what posts they want from you today, what food they like the most or what color of shirt they're wearing? (Hey, we won't judge you!)

It is all now possible with the Yoors Q&A tool. Just promote your post to get more answers faster. Go to https://yoo.rs/questions if you want to see the newest questions. This is also available in the Recent section of your left slide-menu!

Try out the many question types
Do you want to guide responders along the way by making them respond with either dates, countries, multiple choice, checkboxes, numbers, a specific timestamp, etc. That's all possible by choosing the question type in the dropdown menu.

Choose a best answer
For the open questions (short text and paragraph), you can now choose a best answer by clicking on the checkmark next to this answer. The owner of that answer will get a notification and will be highlighted as the first answer by being pinned to the top, so that they are easily visible.

Yoors Q&A: Get answers to all your questions

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