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I remember the booster promoted by @Henkjan de Krijger , very interesting topics arose and a lot of ... Show more
With CreasaNL, I mainly focus on the low-carb lifestyle, post recipes, work on an ebook and help others achieve their lifestyle change goals.

But I also really enjoy being involved in photography, but I doubt if I can combine photography and the low-carb lifestyle on CreasaNL, what do you think? 

My photography interest includes: nature, people, food, buildings and animals
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You can also eleborate in the comments. Thanks. 

By the way . I Eliminated a few members from the history booster because of copied bs thin content. 
This means you are out for always. So think before you post..
my #140words #followupstory about Kalle and Pietje now has 225 episodes. 
Pietje is just saying goodbye to prison. 
How long do you think this story will go on?