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As a young insecure girl, I was always the center of #bullying name-calling, but also destroying property. This has shaped me into who I am, and I experienced a lot of discomfort from it earlier and in my teens. I was a star in my pain hiding behind my smile because I cried myself to sleep but would never let the bullies see the pain of what they did to... Show more
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This year I am handing out the Booster of the Month (1000Yp) every month.
For the next month, you will be able to submit 1 candidate. This is the 7th with the 6 that I choose myself along the usual route.

Do you vote? Voting can t/m July 20 .
Everyone can cast a maximum of 1 vote.

If you like this method, I will appeal to you more often. ☺
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