Yoors Update: $476 ,- in the music pool + new...

Yoors Update: $476 ,- in the music pool + new pool rules update

We have mentioned at the beginning and in the tutorials for Yoors Pools that there could be certain aspects that may be altered in the pool contests. Not big altercations, just the needed ones so everything can stay fine and dandy. Why would they have to be altered? We could not predict what Yoors Pools would bring us after 800+ posts have sucessfully participated in a pool. This would be impossible to test on a test environment, therefore we saw a lot of cool and some less cool things happening during the real pool elections.


Let's first start with the good news

You can now win up to 400,000 YP (400 euro's) by participating in the #music or #photography  pool. You will still receive boosters that increment with 10 YP with each vote and there's plenty of YP to distribute to all Yoorsies.

Even though your field is not music or photography, you can participate by making a post that also touches the subject. Be creative (or you can also step out of your comfort zone and make your first post about it)!

The daily prize of today will be around 40,400 YP (40 euro's).

There are also plenty other pools that we have filled up that you can participate in. Check the Popular pools section on the left. For example: #science, #investing , #fashion, #bigtech, #tinkering, #lowbudget,#readtoday.

Do not change the subject. What happened to the new rules, Yoors Team?

Think about a very full pool. This pool will receive a lot of participants. Our fullest pools so far (#thenetherlands, #yoorspromotion ) were both at around 200, 000 YP. Well deserved daily prizes and boosters have been distributed to all participants, but we noticed that the pool was back at 10,000 YP within less than a week. That means that 190 euro's were distributed to all participants in one week's worth. We love that we could reward so many people with Yoors Points and make them happy. However we have noticed a few discrepancies:

Old situation

  • Some people could not win the daily prize, due to them not receiving votes with lower or no Fairshare rewards.
  • Pools wouldn't stay full for long as boosters would drain the pool rapidly, resulting in little to no participations daily
  • It is possible to win a pool by yourself with no participants
  • Fairshare rewards disrupts the level playing field of pools

New rules *

  • Fairshare rewards are disabled (only) for posts in pool contests. You can ofcourse turn them back on for all your other posts. Consequence: Level playing field.
  • Boosters reset each day at 22:00 Greenwhich Mean time. Everything stays the same for boosters, they only start back at 10 YP each day and start accumulating again with each vote. Consequence: You could receive more boosters this way as the pool wouldn't diminish all too quickly.
  • There needs to be a minimum of 2 unique participants in the pool for there to be a winner. It's a competition after all. Consequence: more participants in a pool.

*you can view these rules on the leaderboards of each pool under the tab Rules. They may differ from time to time, but for now they stay this way.

Fairshare rewards works... too well

Let's just be honest with each other. We all know that spreading your posts works super good with Fairshare rewards. So good, that it works better than if you would promote your post.

We certainly did not predict this when we were developing Fairshare. https://yoo.rs/rewards has been visited more than 10,000 times this month and spreading content works amazing as older posts also can be spread.


Don't forget that: Fairshare rewards are still possible for posts that aren't in a pool contest. You will still receive cumulative boosters regardless if you win or not. And that now you can participate in full pools for a longer time. Hopefully we can all understand these new rules and let's earn our YP on a fair way!