Mis Muñecas,


Las amé cuando estuvieron listas. Le agradecí a mi mamá porque cuando niña para mantenerme ocupada y que no estuviese intranquila en los ratos de ocio me llevaba con ella a sus talleres de manualidades. Antes eran un fastidio, hoy lo valoro y lo atesoro porque fue un regalo maravilloso de la mejor madre del mundo, la mía.

Cada puntada fue un aprendizaje constante porque las quería perfectas y con cada error o falla ellas me iban enseñando a cómo darles forma.

Las tres son iguales y distintas, únicas y maravillosas.
Juntas son la mejor muestra de la belleza de la mujer porque no importa el color de piel, el tipo de cabello, la forma del cuerpo, las cicatrices (ellas las tienen en cada puntada de su cuerpo por el hilo que las forma), lo que realmente importa es lo que muestran, lo que transmiten.

Mi mamá no sabía hace años atrás -no diré cuántos pero pasan los 30- no sabía del concepto de Sororidad ni de Empoderamiento, pero eran lo que hacían ella y sus amigas y lo que me transmitió para que yo ahora lo haga con mi hija.

A ella no la puedo sacar a talleres porque la pandemia nos encerró, así que el taller está en casa y ahora hacemos dulces y muñecas.

Ella está feliz porque tiene "muchas muñecas que hizo mamá y son las más  especiales", yo lo estoy porque serán tres generaciones a las que unirá el espíritu de crear y de creer en que los sueños se construyen con un constante ensayo y error.
Partial solar eclipse from the Netherlands - Thursday 10 June '21
Partial solar eclipse 10 - 6 - 21 - We can look forward again to a beautiful natural phenomenon! Thursday 10 June 2021 around half past 1 in the afternoon there is a partial solar eclipse to be seen. It's just a little one, just over 15% of the sun will be shielded by the moon sliding in front of it, but it will be visible by the clear weather. Please note: DO NOT LOOK RIGHT IN THE SUN WITHOUT ECLIPS - glasses!!! I remember years ago in the Netherlands we had a complete solar eclipse. That was bizarre. At that time we thought that watching through a CD protected your eyes enough, but that doesn't seem to be enough.! It got a lot darker, the birds became completely quiet and there seemed to be some kind of total silence falling, and the temperature dropped significantly. I still see myself, with my parents in the garden, there was a son of friends from Canada with us. He would stay for a few days to do the laundry, but he stayed for more than 2 weeks because it was so nice! Anyway, the solar eclipse or Eclipse: The Earth rotates around its axis in 24 hours, the Moon rotates around the Earth and the Earth rotates around the Sun in a year. The moon always stands with the same side to the Earth, because the orbit of the moon around the Earth lasts as long as it rotates around its own axis, namely 29.5 days! If you visualize these rotational movements, then you understand that the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are aligned every now and then. Next Thursday the moon will stand between the earth and the sun and that will give a partial eclipse of the sun. An Eclipse. The moon ensures that a piece of the sun is not visible for a short time. Since it's only a small part this time, we'll notice little. The power of the sun remains large enough. For photographers with a strong grey filter (10 stops) there is a chance to photograph the eclipse nicely! And with good eclipse glasses you can also see the phenomenon with your own eyes. I have the image of the globe from
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Buying a good suitcase: How to make the right choice
Buying a good suitcase is important. You only find that when you leave on holiday with the wrong suitcase. That often causes annoying problems. You can best avoid this by choosing a good suitcase adapted to your specific travel conditions. Choosing a good suitcase is not nearly as easy as you think. There is so much choice that it is best to compare the best offers before you make a final decision. What is a good travel suitcase and what should you definitely pay attention to? Are you looking forward to your summer vacation?? Whether you're leaving for a city trip or a faraway holiday, a good suitcase is indispensable. A good travel case is sturdy with the right dimensions and a sturdy yet lightweight material. But a good suitcase meets your expectations so you won't be placed for any annoying surprises. A good suitcase is also safe. You keep all your valuable things with it during your trip. Not only your clothes and everything that makes your holiday pleasant, but no doubt all your travel documents and even your finances. Een goede reiskoffer is stevig en comfortabel During your trips and also at your (holiday) destination, your suitcase will have a lot to endure. So choose a sturdy suitcase made of the right material. You have the choice of multiple materials. Bestseller A good suitcase made of the right material Travel cases come in many materials, each with their specific characteristics and both advantages and disadvantages, such as: Choosing a good travel case from ABS: is flexible, supple but less strong and scratch-resistant. That means that after deformation he quickly regains his original shape. A travel case from ABS is not exactly the lightest case you can take with you. Curv Travel Cases: an ideal companion for those who travel a lot. These cases are sturdy, scratch-resistant. You can also bring more. Curv is een materiaal dat uit meerdere geweven lagen polypropyleen bestaat en oorspronkelijk werd gebruikt voor de productie van kogelwerende vesten. A curv case resists extreme temperatures. Curv is also scratch-resistant and strong, but very pricey. Polycarbonate suitcases: e and polycarbonate travel case is remarkably light yet strong and flexible. This facilitates the packing of your suitcase. A polycarbonate case is similar to a curv case. Polycarbonate is less scratch-resistant and also costs more. Polycarbonate is resistant to higher temperatures, so your suitcase does not deform during your journey. Buying a good suitcase from Polypropylene Polypropylene is the strongest material for travel cases. It is often used for the manufacture of Curv suitcases. A polypropylene travel suitcase is an excellent alternative for those looking for a travel suitcase with the best value for money. Polypropylene cases are very strong but usually heavier. Choose your suitcase Good travel suitcases made of Aluminium Popular travel cases made of aluminum are also suitable for those who are regularly on the move and want to travel stylishly. Aluminum is strong, comfortable, durable and has a luxurious appearance. Aluminum travel cases cost more but are more durable and have a longer lifespan. What you should definitely pay attention to when buying a good suitcase When buying a good suitcase, you need to take into account some important factors in order to avoid a relatively expensive mispurchase. Choose a suitcase with: The correct format: adapted to what you usually take with you on a trip The correct number of wheels: you have the choice between two-wheeled or four-wheeled travel suitcases. The majority prefer four wheels. Such a suitcase is more user-friendly and stays easier. While these four-wheel suitcases are especially suitable on flat terrain and at the airport, two-wheel suitcases can be used on any surface. A good lock: is more important than you think. Do you travel a lot to the US? Then choose a good suitcase with a TSA lock. Then security officers don't have to break open your suitcase.. They have a custom key for that to open this type of lock. Some cases have a built-in TSA lock, but you can also buy them separately. Striking color: Choose a suitcase in a striking colour so you can always easily and quickly recognize it. Convenient travel rolleys Buy a good suitcase: Soft suitcases Choose soft suitcases as much as possible when you're especially taking clothes on a trip. Soft travel cases also have other advantages, such as: Weighing less Are smoother and easier to pack Often opened with a zipper giving them a larger volume Are divided into several compartments and that is convenient to store things separately Budget-friendly Hard suitcases Are especially useful when you take vulnerable cases. Other advantages of these hard cases: Better protection Zijn waterbestendig en houden droog Often equipped with four wheels so you can take them easier and they are more stable Almost unbreakable, they survive the trip at the airport or in the bus so easy. Duurzamer met een langere levensduur Buying a good suitcase: Never save on quality A good travel suitcase is a reliable companion on all your travels. So do not save on quality. Therefore, you should choose not the most expensive one, but the one with the best price-quality ratio. featured