Visiting Encaustichris and Mr Owl


I was looking nervously at the three photos in my hand. “I must be crazy! Why on earth did I have this idea?”

My problem is that I like to change procedures now and then. But in my visits to other Yoorsies, I always do the same thing; I announce myself.

“The next time, I will not do it”.

I decided to visit @Encaustichris. As soon as she told on the platform she was filling to the limit her blessed cup of tea, I sat at the computer and stretched the hand to my portal. I had with me three photos.

“Perhaps she has a better photo. I should have checked. What if the portal made a mistake and the house is not precisely this one? Will the owner recognize her by these photos?

The door opened.


-Hi! Have you come to visit me?

I was recognized.

We went inside. Encaustichris´ girlfriend gave me a cup of tea, and the three of us began talking.

-Do you know she doesn´t eat candies anymore?-the girl laughed suddenly.


-She´s very serious about that losing weight challenge. She´s always walking. Swears it makes her thinner.

Then we talked about Mr Owl. I was dying to meet him. We checked, but he was nowhere to be found. So we continued walking around the beautiful lake. All of a sudden, there it was; a blue happy stone, practically laughing at us.

-Why don´t you take it with you? You can leave the stone in a nice place, in Portugal-Encaustichris said.

Finally, the bus was ready to begin the working day. I, on the other hand, was ready to come home.

It´s a nice thing making friends on Yoors

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