My top 5 reasons to be happy

I have read some of your lovely reasons to be happy and have felt inspired to share mine.

I must admit I have lost my way a little with #yoorsjanuary2021 but part of the reason is because I have been spending time on some of the very reasons I have to feel happy about.

In no particular order...

1. I am really grateful that my husband had a job to go back to, early last year the company he works for was looking like they might reach the stage where they would have to close their doors, then corona also hit and they did not work for 2 months. Since then a lot of people lost their jobs and many started the new year without work. The fact that he could take a months leave and then return to a job is such a blessing.

2. I have started swimming again. It was something I always enjoyed doing but for some strange reason had not done so for about 3 years and the crazy thing is, that we even have a pool at home big enough to swim laps. Now that I have started it again, I am worse than a child, I just don't want to get out.

3. I am spending a lot of time with my children, sharing their interests, doing things with them. Whether it's a puzzle, or baking something they saw on YouTube, making Barbie clothes with the youngest or watching football clips with the eldest. This week we had a heat wave and because my room is so nice and cool, often the 3 of us would end up there playing board games or just laying there chatting and laughing away. The fact that my eldest is 16 and thinks hanging out with Mom is still fun makes it even more special.

4. I am really grateful as well that corona has not got any of my family members and close friends. My inlaws would possibly not survive it as both are not healthy, so I am grateful for it. My mother is asthmatic so I worry about her too and I have a cousin I am extremely close to that works in a care home and I often worry about her as well, as a lot of old age homes in Portugal where struck with Covid. We also have a friend with stage 4 cancer and his son with a malignant brain tumor. I am extremely grateful for everyone's safety and health.

5. It may sound very cheesy, but I am grateful to be happily married to my best friend. It's great to be in a marriage where you can laugh, make memories and deal with so many struggles at times with someone that loves you unconditionally and accepts you as you are.