Yoorsnovember #6: de leguaan

Zie hem daar staan, de leguaan. Pootjes op de slang, kijkend naar de fotograaf, als een ware poseur.

*fotograaf: Steven van Beek, in La Ventanilla, Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Coloringpages Monsters
It's time for Monsters! All children will probably like to draw, color, cut, glue and craft a lot of monsters. In the Netherlands soon will be the National Reading Days, with as "Picture Book of the Year 2022" a super fun monster picturebook by Tjibbe Veldkamp! It's called “But first I caught a monster” and it's a wonderful book about monsters, which you'll want to read with your child over and over again. (More info? Then click HERE ) We bet, that your child is immediately monstrously wild of monsters after reading this book! So we have drawn about 15 monsters and posted them here on this page. They can be used as an example to draw monsters yourself, or as a coloring page, but also as a cutting and craftsheet, as a template for a nice window drawing, etc ! :) Do you like them too? And which one do you like to craft, draw, color, cut or decorate? Then save the image first on your computer, and from the saved folder (usually the download folder or the photo folder) you can print out the monsters! Have a lot of monster fun! Coloring Pages The color monster goes to school - Read more Craft monsta the sample (2 ways) - Read more stop! Samples! Craft tip paper plate sample - Read more Monstrous toilet rolls with a heart for you! - Read more Styropor bal Samples op stok - Read more Iedere ouder herkent het: snel even instoppen, oké dan nog even een verhaaltje, maar kort… en dan begint het. This picture book is not just for reading aloud. It is also a celebration as a reading book: the interplay between the rushed adult and the child that provokes him or her to tell even further will bring a lot of joy. More info PULL THE HAIR OF THIS MONSTER TO HEAR A SOUND. This Screaming Pals monster not only looks hilarious, but can also make and sing cool sounds! When you pull the creature's hair, it starts to make sound, which can create hilarious moments. More info Fisher Price samples STACK THESE FUN FISHER PRICE MONSTERS TOGETHER! At first glance, it seems like just one monster. but actually it's three! The two smaller samples can be put in the big sample, but you can also take them out and stack them on top of each other. More info - Look further on Yoors? Then first sign in to Yoors. - Click here to sign up (free and without obligation) #coloringpagessamples #coloringpages #coloringpagesample #samplecoloringpage #samplecolorplates #monster #monsters