Night Dream

When I fell lethargic
In a serene night, I live
In my dreams a beautiful fairy
Rest at my bedside.

I felt it and didn't want to disturb
This enjoyment that plunged me
In bliss,
I give him full latitude.

She grazes with her velvet hand
My hair and my contours,
Fredonne me with enamored words
That I have enjoyed.

The goddess who came to cheer me up
One night gets up and wants to run away.
What would I do to keep her still
At my side at least until dawn?

Let me savor this beautiful mirage
Contemplate this angelic face
Hope, dream even in utopia
Look, I breathe, I rejoice, I smile.

Leave me with this romance
Who exalts my soul when I wake up,
Who will dissipate, make me wait for the night
And will leave me trapped in boredom.

The rooster crowing
To my dream pillow warns me
May dawn whiten the horizon
And that I must come to my senses.

O! Time do you have to burn the hours,
Deprive me of pleasure and time?
In a pleasant and sweet night
I've been languishing for a long time.

Is it my fate to wait,
To hope and mope me
In the storm of my nights
Between tears and trouble?